Saturday, January 20, 2007

Check Up

Today is Saturday, need to go gynae place for check up...No No No...I am not pregnant (I wish I am ). I am still on medication and need to take medicine for at least 6 month.

Reason given by gynae was to clear the blood in body, blood that left over from my cycle period. Actually I dont know how to describe this, even dont know the technical term for it. I just follow my gynae instruction. He said need to take medicine, then I just follow! What a good patient hor!

But one thing I dislike to go gynae place is , I have to wait VERY VERY LONG HOUR there! It could be more than 3 hr I tell you. Damm tired! No choice I still have to go to him since I already have 2 c-sect by him. He know my body well......

This medicine also had indirectly putting up my weight now, though I didn't increase my appetite...gynae already informed me in advance, side effect of it...either will feel pening or weight gain.....