Friday, January 26, 2007

FIL Old Car

FIL's car breakdown again!! Yesterday after he fetching Wien from school, his car couldn't start. After 1/2 hr only he called my SIL#1 to drive them back from school. Yup, Lyon also in the car as FIL like to tag her along while fetching Wien back from school. My MIL so worry at home because it already passed more than 1/2 hour but still did not see the car back. Usually after 15min, he already reach home, so MIL also called up SIL#1, only know that she already on the way to rescue 3 of them...

Lucky my SIL#1 is a housewife, else I really no idea who going to bring them back! My FIL also one kind, already advise him to change car or do throughly checking for the car, but he still no make any decision. *sigh*