Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cotton Pajamas

I love cotton material, love to buy this fabrication material to make dresses or sleep wear for my gals. It's comfy and cooling type too.

Recently I just completed 1 suit of pajamas, love the color and love the design too! While shop in fabric shop, it's color caught my eye. Without thinking twice, I just bought 2meter, and decided to make sleep wear for my Wien.

While I do my sewing, little Lyon come to me and beg me sew one for her too! she know how to request too! I promised her : mummy will do for her too...after completed jie jie wan.

....btw...I also post up this pajamas in my ebay for sale ler....just hoping someone will like it and buy it over.....but then if sold out I still can make new suit for Wien la...dun worry!