Thursday, January 25, 2007

Additional Order

Another blogger mummy, Msau, ordered dresses from me, for her girls to wear during coming Chinese New Year. Of course I am happy to get her order, hey, it's extra income for me. Who doesn't like money then. No no no...I am not financially tight now, I just wish to turn my interest into making money business, so that I can be lady boss for my own I dreaming now?

Actually my hubby's income can support me to be SAHM now, but I don't think I am a SAHM material at this moment. I enjoy my office hour, at least I can do thing without anyone disturbing me (the 2 gals surely)! Ya, sometimes I did do my personal stuff during office hour; such as blogging etc etc....So what's the best time to resign? Frankly I also don't know...:P