Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Parenting Magazines

Before marriage, I used to read magazine for fashion, cooking (for adult of course), and travel etc..…nothing related to parenting. But now after having kids, I have to read magazine related to parenting, mainly due to I am a first timer being a mummy. Only in parenting magazine, I can find and learn many tips of being a first time mummy. Other than from reading magazine, I also gain experience from other experience mummies or my own mum.

Now I found a good web that offer good parenting magazines, Mags Direct offer more than 10 types parenting magazines. The price very affordable too, I found it is even cheaper than magazines that sell in Malaysia. One of the magazine, Parents only cost us USD9.97 per year with 12 issues! The cover price is USD42.00, and we save up to 76%. It’s a huge saving I tell you. Yes, I am going to add this into my cart now.

Hurry! check out this web now, other than getting good magazine, you also can save some saving there since the price is much cheaper than we buy from book store.