Friday, February 24, 2006

2 words

Lyon can speak many 2 words by now. She is 15 month now, compare to Wien, her speech progress is faster than her. Of course, Wien is the very good example to learn with! At this age, Wien only can speak single word....another advantage to have sibling around, sure the youngest can learn faster than the elder! Few 2 words she learn pretty fast....

  • chi tang - 吃糖
  • ah men - 开门 (sound like Amen hor?!)
  • chi yi - 吃鱼
  • bi fu - 壁虎
  • yao guo - 要过 (if she wanna walk across our legs)
  • wak wak - 滑滑
  • bu yao - 不要
  • yi li - 一粒
  • er duo - 耳朵
  • oh oh - co co (another term we use for chocolate)
  • o o - 哦哦 (ask her to sleep)
  • mei mei - 美美

The very first word she speak is MUM MUM(Food), see how wai sek this little girl! Even now also always ask for mum mum, and guide us walk to kitchen to look for any mum mum.

For addressing people wise, she can call as below:

  • ma ma - 嘛嘛(the way she call grandma)
  • ong ong - 公公 (suppose call gong gong but she call in different slang)
  • ah jie - 阿姐
  • pa pa - 爸爸
  • ah ku - 阿姑
  • un ti - auntie
  • un ge - uncle
  • ah poh - 外婆

See, the list no mention on MUMMY. I am still waiting and waitng.......nowsaday keep asking Wien to teach her say MUMMY, hehe, hope very soon can hear from her too, just like this little girl did!!

She very clever calling her papa. Once heard papa's car back from work, she'll quickly walk to gate and wait there. Once papa step out from the car, she start calling shouting papa papa non stop, until papa come and pick her up! After picking her up, she will manja-ly put her head to papa's shoulder!

Mummy very jeolous when see her do this to papa le....

YOU!!! Dun take my naked photo!



hey, i'm learning words from your blog too...trying to figure out all those chinese characters (lol)...

Lyon vocab is pretty good alreadi...learning all the necessary first like "mum mum"...even if she don't call you mama, she knows you will still love her :)

Allyfeel said... cute the no naked photo.

Mommy, don't be jealous la, later she will call u non stop. :P

Lyon very clever oh...15 months can say so many words.

jazzmint said...

Lyon very clever.....oni 4 months difference from Faythe, but knows a bundle of words...bila lah itu Faythe mau cakap huh

Msau said...

yalor..I heard tat baby pickup words faster with jiejie or korkor lah...

so good no more guessing game btw mama & baby still need to guess wat SQ e-e-o-o about ler..hehe

mIcHe said...

it's great to have a jiejie or mommy the trouble to teach the lil one to 14 mths is learning her 1 2 3 already coz her jiejie loves counting out loud and she follows!

Egghead said...

so young already know how to say NO! so you don't have to worry liao lah... LOL!

Twinsmom said...

民以食为天,so learn to say mum-mum in the early stage is a must hahaha...

Jesslyn said...

two little fellas:
Hehe...hope u understand the chinese word..

ya ya, waiting for her to call me non-stop!! how weird I am hor! :P

Wien can talk in a simple sentense when she's abt 18-20mth, let's wait & see Lyon's record!

hehe..sometimes she did say e-e-o-o wording, we guess and ask back, she will either shake head or nod head!!

same here, jie jie read apple, orange, horse loudly, then she follow too!

so train Belle to ber Kiki's leader, then she learn faster. We clever mummy hor..kekeke

more to worry le...very difficult to serve her if she keep saying NO NO NO!


Ricket said...

usually the second child will learn faster than the first cos they have kor kor or jie jie to teach them.

Tracy said...

It's true dat the 2nd child will learn faster cos everything they learn will be from the elder sibling. I'm sure both ur girls learn very fast and I'm sure u are proud dat Wien can sing and speak so well now.

Contented Mum said...

Clever Lyon, Of course first thing first, food is top priority so got to learn first! :)
Soon she will call Mummy, be patient huh!

Contented Mum said...

Clever Lyon, Of course first thing first, food is top priority so got to learn first! :)
Soon she will call Mummy, be patient huh!

Zara's Mama said...

Wah so good lah Lyon can speak so many Chinese words..
Zara still cannot..
I don't know how to teach also.
You speak to hubby in Mandarin? We speak English and Cantonese.. but to Zara we only speak English.. *sigh*

Jesslyn said...

ricket & tracy:
ya, elder be the leader to the youngest lor!

contented mum:
ya, very patiently waiting now..:P

dunno how to teach? hey, just speak to her, she'll learn!
We speak eng & mandarin, but mostly on mandarin. That's y Wien eng not so good now.