Friday, February 10, 2006


Before this Wien cycled her bicycle with a support, like a tricycle. Few days ago, her papa took off the support due to Wien's frequent demand. In fact papa wanted to take it off few months ago, he thought that Wien can cycle well without it too! But MIL & me strongly discourage him do so, because we think she is still too small to cycle without support. Wien kept this in mind, she keep telling papa that she want to try without support! Papa of course very happy to do so! But she fell down few times too before she master the skill, until her leg got bruises!! But she never gave up, try till she can cycle it! Bravo Wien, mummy proud with u...

Can u see the bicycle with the support, where Lyon play with it. Now no more with that support. She happily cycling around kaki lima, papa even drove out his car to outside, so that she can has more spare to cycle!

Photo taken right before she fell down...opps...must be painful la my girl!


Egghead said...

so nice to have a siblings lah... sigh... when is my 2nd one coming??

Jason said...

The next thing she will try to learn is to ride without holding the bars. :D

kwloong said...

Wow tough gal!!!

kwloong said...

Wow tough gal!!!

Zara's Mama said...

what an achievement for the little girl!

it's not easy, with all the balancing.. but she's determined huh?

mIcHe said...

so brave.

now i am sure to get a bicycle for my girl on her coming 3rd birthday!

Jesslyn said...

I wrote on bicycle but u talk abt sibling pulak!!?? Looks like u really look forward your Leia ya!

Like those Malay guy ha? No way, I'll strongly discourage she do so!!!

That's why her legs all with hurt & bruises now! So ugly..

zara's mama:
All becos Daddy challenge her lor!

Quickly get one for her, sure she has fun with it!

Milly said...

haha...when i small, my dad let me have cycling lesson! i really dunnoe y he want me to learn! everyday evening forced mummy give me training!

daddy said, no fell down = no pain = no gain!! now i can cycle..but long time nvr cycle liao lor. miss my bicycle!

got one time i fell into big longkang! luckily daddy arouind coem and help me!

Allyfeel said...

Wow! Good that she is so determine of what she wants to achieve. *Clap Clap*

jazzmint said...

wow big girl liao, can even ask to remove the small wheels!!! Bravo and she never got scared after falling down :). Auntie Jazzmint malu lah, only learn cycling in Std 1 :P

Tracy said...

Hei, Wien's so brave. I don't think Des will be dat brave. She's still cycling on her 'plastic' three-wheeled tricycle leh.