Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Short stories...

I was sitting in living hall flipping the newspaper, Wien came to me with a book with her as she has some question to ask. Before Wien finish her question, Lyon already on her way towards me. This little monkey girl going to push away her jie jie from me again!! In fact, most of the time she act like that if Wien sit with me or very close to me. She jeolous on Wien!! If Wien still with me, then she will start pulling her hair, or pull her hand away from me! Each time I have to get Wien to look for daddy if Lyon behave like that! Been telling Lyon numerous times that she is not right but this little girl still behave the same. Sometimes naughty Wien will not let Lyon win, she will sit still there and push away Lyon pulak, so both of them fighting for the poor mummy! Daddy just watch and see the show till I shouted for help!!

Each night after changing Lyon into her pyjamas and feed her milk, she’ll look for her “bei bei”( 被被= smelly blanket). Then she will waive bye bye to everyone in the house. The first one she’ll look for is her daddy, dunno since when she so sayang her daddy??!! Later go to ma-ma, sister Wien and others provided SIL & their kids were in the house. She never never waive to me as she knew I’ll accompany her in the room…:(


Recently Wien like to carry Lyon. Each time when Lyon disturb me or want me carry her, she’ll come over and offer to carry Lyon. Wien : 妹,来,阿姐抱抱!(Mei , come, ah jie bao bao! ) Lyon : push away Wien’s hands, at the same time making manja sound to me… Wien : 阿姐抱抱也是一样的!来啦!(Come on la, ah jie carry also same la) she talk like a big sister .. Lyon : still push away Wien, start pulling my hands… Wien : without saying anything, just carry Lyon up…… What you can hear now is Lyon crying sound, and her legs kicking in the air…have to quickly go to them, else one of them sure fall down one…


With 2 little girls in the house, so far no fighting yet, only can see them (almost daily) snatching each other toys!! Wien always the one who start the game. So daddy award train her to be Lyon's leader (领导). Being a leader then she cannot simply do wrong things, else follower will follow. But this leader sometimes lead her follower do wrong things too! Such as jumping on the bed, sofa, secretly eating sweets without ma-ma's knowing (2 of them hide in some where!! ) etc etc...list go on....


Egghead said...

hehe... talking about stories... I more or less told my son our whole saturday routine as a story... and he loves it!

mumsgather said...

aiyoyo, secretly hiding sweet sumore. Headache loh you!

Zara's Mama said...

wah.. your husband very clever hor.. get Wien to be 领导. Luckily she still say 妹,来,阿姐抱抱, and not 妹,来,领导抱抱. haha.

2 of them really keep you busy all the time ler.

Btw, is Wien closer to daddy, and you close to Lyon? I heard normally is like that woh.. for 1st born and 2nd born.

jazzmint said... a tai kwai tou and a siu kwai tou at home :P...must be very the same time when fighting very headache rite :P

Tracy said...

Can imagine the situation when ur two girls are 'fighting' for ur attention. Nice to have siblings and can be fun watching them doing all sorts of esp. funny funny acts but sometimes can be a headache too when they 'fight' over things.

Wien is so cute offering to carry mei mei. Does Wien still wants to be carried? Destinee still wants me to 'bao bao' her every now and then.

Allyfeel said...

Arr..this is sweet sisterhood. If they see this post when they grow up, they will sure laugh one. :P

Sabrina said...

If seen my nieces fighting for their mom (my sis). My sis have to sleep in between the two of them. But most of the time, the youngest always bully the eldest.
I've not experience Keith fighting for me yet. I guess he won't be the jealous type of child coz' he couldn't be bothered even if I carry another baby.

Ricket said...

same same here also...

Good thing is they are sticky to my wife. Ha ha ha ha...


aiyo, daddy just sit back and watch the amusement while mummy kelam kabut with the 2 lil gals-ah....ha,ha that happens to me too.

but daddy is clever -leh-teaching the kiddies about leadership at such a young age.

kwloong said...

Same here, both fight to sit on mummy's lap.

One time, Tim and Emily wants to be carry on the back of daddy. Poor daddy had to carry both of them but for a short while.

mIcHe said...

so far my 2 girls never fight for my lap. the jie jie very sayang the mei mei...always give in one :D

Jesslyn said...

Lucky he like it, thot he will feel bored!

MIL also headache, as she jaga them most of the time!

zara's mama:
ya, what you say almost 90% correct la, Lyon very sticky to me than her sister!

very soon u got to experience the same as me prepared ya! :P

wien seldom ask for bao bao now, unless when she manja with us!

Ya, agreed with u too!

Youngest bully the elder? strange wor!
keith no jeoulousy, then u can anytime welcome the 2nd! :P

sometimes i will play trick & let them stick to the daddy..hehehe..clever mummy!

two little fellas:
as daddy say this mummy always pamper & spoil the girls, so i hv to settle it by myself wor!

hey, both my girls also like to ride on daddy le(like a horse ride!!) :P

wow the jie jie so good hor!

Contented Mum said...

So sweet to have little one manja you huh! This jie jie Wien so "guai" can help mummy to "bao bao" mei mei!