Monday, February 06, 2006

Chinese New Year Eve

Same as previous year, CNY eve at my place is very super "yit lau"! Lots of fireworks booming here and there!! Firecrackers also got here but still the fireworks more than firecrackers! People around here play it till 2am !! Can u imagine that?? Who say this year cannot play firecrackers & fireworks? They fire it one after another, we start watching it from 11.15pm till almost 2am. Too bad my lousy camera cannot capture well those beautiful fireworks! Wien is the most happy one as she like to watch it..Lyon too, I am surprise Lyon not scare at all, it was so loud yet she still scream like Wien: yeah..yeah..yeah..!!! I cover her ears while the booming session. My next door neighbour call for lion dance on 12midnite, they are businessman so they prefer to have lion dance to "wong" their house as well as to bring in more business! Every year the same, no fail! No wonder they getting richer richer! Hey, ang pow for that day is minimum RM200 le!! I dun think hubby want to spend like that. When the lion dance group came, Wien quickly go and get her lion head as well as change into her pant, as she said wanna dance with the group wor! When they start the drum, she really start dance too...but she dance in front of the praying table, looks great her dance, got improvement as compare to last year! MIL gave her ang pow too, small ang pow only le...we teasing her should give RM200...hahaha! After lion dance Lyon seem sleepy, she couldn't stay up till 2am, by 1am she already start yawning, so I send her to room ; not even 3 minutes she already fall asleep despite the booming session still carrry on. I have to accompany her while she sleep as my neighbour will fire their firecracker and fireworks after the dance too! Need to cover tight her ears, else the sound really will frightened her! It really loud seem like having war, as they fire it in front of our house! Last year at this time, Lyon only 2 months, I have to hold her tight and cover her ears tightly while she sleep, really scare those loud sound will frightened her. Poor me..lucky she sound asleep, seem like tak hairan at all! What a good girl! This year, she can enjoy fireworks as well! Also sleep soundly till next morning!


Sabrina said...

Keith couldn't be bothered about the loud fire crackers at all. Last year, he was 1 mth old n fast asleep. This year 13 mths old also fast asleep n not bothered about the loud noises. He loves the lion dance and would start dancing when the troope starts playing the drum.

Jason said...

Really chi mou chi yong, the lion dance.

Milly said...

wah.... where she got the pant? u sew for her ar??

she learn before??

jazzmint said...

wah lion dance pants somemore!!! Cool lerr....hey next time ask her to join the troupe hehehe....lady lion dancer :)

faythe also not afraid of fireworks, can even sleep thru the booming!! AMAZED

Egghead said...

wah!! I hire Wien to come dance in front of my house!

Jesslyn said...

Get him a head, sure he very excited wan!

hehe...her papa teasing me, eh u not scare next time she join lion dance group ka? Well if she like to, i dun mind..

She din learn from anyone but we use to bring her to see those youngster practise the dance at night! I think she learn from there.

My MIL sew for her the pants!

Shall we enroll her to join the group? Later become "nan ren boh"..:P

Too bad your house too far from me!

r&r mami said...

Wien is so good with the lion is amazing! so young can "mou si"

Zara's Mama said...

Aah.. Wien is good huh? really like a pro from the photos.

Allyfeel said...

your girl looks so pro in that lion head.