Monday, February 20, 2006

What an unlucky Sunday morning!

We meet a car accident on Sunday morning(19/02), 3 cars involved, including our car!! Here is the whole story……dun worry, none of us hurt, but got the shock only. Hubby wants me and Lyon follows him to fetch Wien from her Sunday school. Usually I did not follow him as I need to do lots of house chores over the weekend..…! But hubby wants us follow too, he say to give Wien a surprise! Ok la, I quickly put the entire porriege ingredients into the pot and cook it; damp in all the cloth into washing machine, on power and let it washed. Remind MIL to watch out the porridge for me. 10.15am, we headed to the church since the class dismiss at 10.30am. Not forget to bring along camera too, as I want to snap photos for them. Wien is happy when see mummy and Lyon were there, she quickly run out from her class. Since the teacher still telling story to the class, I get Wien to sit still in the class. After 10 min, the class dismiss. Let them play a while around the church, and then we go back. Daddy promised Wien to buy her lolly pop from 7-elevan if she behave today and being alone in the school, without daddy accompany. Before this she want daddy to be with her till end class. So daddy drove to 7-elevan. In the car, I told daddy no need to go 7-elevan la, since our fridge still got some extra. But he still want to go, main reason is to keep his promise to Wien. Many cars on the road, guess many of them just wake up to have their morning breakfast now. Lyon and I sit in front seat, while Wien sits at the back. Come to a junction, we want to turn right, so we stop in the middle of the road with right signal on. We stopped quite some time there as too many cars that cause we unable to turn right. Less than 1 minute (I guess so), I heard a big “bang” follow by all of us seem being push forward. I was holding tight of Lyon and at the same time I shouted to hubby what happen!! He look at the mirror, realized our car being hit kiss by others! Lucky none of us (especially the girls) hurt! Really thank GOD! Hubby gets down checking on the situation, but he wants us remain in the car. I saw the car which hit us is a Malay driver, then saw his wife quickly get down from the car too, with a baby in her arm. I curious what happen to the baby, so I also go out (carry Lyon with me but ask Wien to sit still in the car) and ask the women. She told me just now her baby was crying but now very quiet and both hand very cold. But I noticed no bleeding on her and no crying too. The mother start panic, then another Malay drive offer either to drive her back or to hospital. Then both mother and baby follow the car. Heard they stay nearby too. After that I only realized there is another car involved in this accident too. A Chinese family, husband and wife plus 3 girls. No one hurt in this accident but gave us a shock! The culprit driver (Iswara) claimed that he did not see our car stopping there, by the time he saw it, he pressed emergency brake but still hit us! The third car (Honda Accord ) follow too close to Iswara, also short of time to do emergency brake, so do the kissing to Iswara! Hubby took some pictures with our camera, at the same time look for handphone to make phone call to family member get someone to fetch me and the 2 girls back first, since he need to go police station to do the police report. Both of us did not bring out our handphone, as we thought we will only go out for short while. So we only can make call to our house since none of us can recall either FIL or SIL’s handphone number. Very important, got to prepare a phone list and leave in the car, just in case anything happen! Within 10 minutes, saw SIL#3’s car, she came with her hubby. Reach home; saw MIL anxiously waiting for us at the gate! She must be very worry of us. She said lucky last week she went to temple to do the praying for hubby since hubby “fan tai shui”(犯太岁) this year! Hehehe….all the doggie are “fan tai shui” this year, better do the praying fast! Hubby heart-pain his car now, as he just spent about 3k last December to do the re-painting of the car body and change some parts of the engine. We plan to use for another 3-5 years before change to a new car. Now looks like is time to change for a new car!

Photos taken on the spot, if u want the car plate number to buy, email me!

3 cars in a row.

The culprit's car.

Our car.


Egghead said...

kena bang then change new car ah? lidat also can ah?

sorry to hear about your accident... important thing is no one is hurt right?


sorry to hear about the accident but so glad that nobody gets hurt.
incidence like this make us realize, no matter how careful one can be-accident can still happen.

Jason said...

Quite teruk neh, the whole bumper mmh gin jor...

jazzmint said...'s always shocking suddenly hear kena somewhat lost...I felt it the last time when a car reverse into my door. After few days still got that imagination, aiyoo....

lucky thing no one was hurt, oni insurance kena korek :P

Tracy said...

Aiyo, ya lor, doggie 'fan tai shui' this year. I've to go and pray pray too.

Really sorry to hear about the accident. I told my hubby about it too and he said 'orrr, u mean the frens we met in Melaka'? I said 'Ya lor' and he said 'aiyo, very unlucky lor, luckily no one was hurt, dat's the most important thing'.

kwloong said...

Very expensive lollipop. By the way, word of advice, better not carry your Lyon to sit in front. Back seat is the safest. If your hubby doesn't mind.

Anyhow, do train your children to sit on a booster or child seat.

Ricket said...

Must have been scary...

important thing is everyone is ok.

Contented Mum said...

Sorry to hear about the accident, thanks God no one is hurt. But the shock is just as bad. Hope you and family get over the shock quick. Hugs to Wein and Lyon

Contented Mum said...

Sorry to hear about the accident, thanks God no one is hurt. But the shock is just as bad. Hope you and family get over the shock quick. Hugs to Wein and Lyon

Contented Mum said...

Sorry to hear about the accident, thanks God no one is hurt. But the shock is just as bad. Hope you and family get over the shock quick. Hugs to Wein and Lyon

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. cute badly hit huh? What was the driver doing leh, dreaming or what.

But really thank God nobody got hurt! Hope can claim the culprit's insurance.

r&r mami said...

ho choi mou see...small accident to cover for all the bad la...

Jesslyn said...

Whole morning my pc cannot log into comment field, dunno why!!?

Egghead: fact our car quite OLD though, think to change b4! Just think whether is time to change or not?

two little fellas:
Ya, my hubby is a careful driver but too bad many careless driver out there!

ya lor, so bad now, he kena car pool with his friend!

Very shocking me when it happen! Lucky no nightmare that night!
We korek culprit insurance now! Hope can claim more than what we pay!

oh ya, u doggie too hor, quickly go and pray now..hehehe

most of time we sit at the back wan. That day "fat hao" lor, go and sit in front! then kena lor...

lucky no one hurt, else lagi scary!!:P

contented mum:
Thanks for the hug ya..

zara's mama:
Dunno what the driver doing le, drive an infant in the car some more so careless, really bad daddy!

r& r mami:
Ya, is a small accident, but when look at the culprit car, many of us might think is a serious accident! Too bad, hubby did not take the back view of the car!

Allyfeel said... of those unlucky day. Luckily noboday is hurt.

But this is the best excuse to get a new car. :)