Monday, February 06, 2006

CNY Day 1 - 3( In My Melaka Hometown)

On 1st day of CNY, all of us wake up nearly 9am, as we only slept at 2am this morning. Daddy get Wien to do lion dance too before she manage to get her ang pow from papa! So bad daddy hor! Anyway Wien happily dance it after I bath her and change her into her new dress. Lyon keep clapping her hands while see her sister dancing! Wien lion dance at our house... Lyon go and get her ang pow...papa want her do the dance too...poor Lyon!! I travel back to my mum's place(Melaka) on 1st CNY, but only me, Wien and Lyon stay overnight there, hubby travel back to Tangkak, as he said he couldn't sleep well at my mum's house. Wien also did her lion dance 向外婆拜年!Got her ang pow too! Later when my both sisters reach my mum's house, she refuse to dance, no matter how we pursue her, maybe she feel paiseh in front of the 2 Ah Yee.

My mum use to cook chai during 1st day, I use to practise it before marriage. After marriage, follow hubby side, no more chai on CNY. So this year I manage to eat chai, also get hubby, Wien and Lyon to eat too!! Our kind neighbour also cook us some chai dish, stay in kampung is good, as you will can have good & friendly neighbour!

Wien dance at 外婆 house, 外婆 sit near the door...Wien pass mandarin to 外婆... Wien enjoy so much in grandmother house, she even can skip her afternoon nap, yet can stay up till 11.00pm! Other than 2nd sister's 2 boys(James & George), my neighbour's kids also come to our house and play with her. Those kids are more interested in her lion head, lucky after the 3rd day the head still in one piece. Last year, Wien not allow them to touch her lion head but this year she allow them do so, also can wear it some more! She is big girl now!! Zhi Yin (my brother's girl) back to her grandmother house too on the 1st day! Oppostie to Wien, Lyon seem not enjoy her stay there. She keep lau-kai and stick to me. I have to be within her eye sight, else she will cry madly! Really like a koala bear. First day she is ok, since hubby is around till abt 10pm, if me away from her eye sight, she can look for papa. The next day she whole day stick to me, me really headache, plus the weather so hot, make me lagi pening!! Anyway this is her first time to overnight at grandmother house. Before this we will come in the morning and travel back the same day at night, since it only took us 45 min drive! We stay till 3rd CNY, Wien ask me to stay one more day as she still want to play with those kids! haih..if Lyon not lau kai, for sure I will stay extra night!


kwloong said...

I also love kampung lifestyle, so many children to play with. Sigh no kampung for me.

Does your Wien carry the lion head all day long? My Tim does. Now I kept it in the secret place.

Jesslyn said...

She did carry her all the time when first bought, we just let her play...but now no more! Only take out when she got the mood to play!

Pity Tim le, mummy hide the lion head!

Egghead said...

so so soooo impressed by the lion dance lah!!

jazzmint said...

wow..she's really into this lion dance huh...

daddy so bad, lyon also gotta next year wien is the lion head, she becomes the lion buttock :P

lyon look very cute in her flowery dress..home made oso?

Milly said...

wow...i think next time i must hire lyon to have lion dance at my house!! wahaha...can?

r&r mami said...

Lyon very sweet and chubby wo..hehe

Jesslyn said...

looks like u really like Wein's lion dance hor!

lyon will be the tail by next year! :P

Yup, the flowery dress DIY too!

you same thought as egghead la!

r&r mami:

she still look like baby face hor!

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. this Wien really have to dance for her ang pow ah? Poor girl.

Maybe I can invite her to my house to dance also hor.. ang pow RM20. :P

We all also eat one jai dish on 1st day.. but only 1 dish la.. the rest all meat. :X

Lazymama said...

Wien so panai, can lion dance! Make sure you enrol her to "ChinWoo" when she grow older. :P

I like to watch lion dance!

So many jai dishes, I manage to cook this year but only one - loh hon jai!

Baby Smooches said...

Wah, you've got a good lion dance performer there. Next year can include mei-mei also.