Tuesday, February 07, 2006

CNY - Day 8

Lots of happening during this Sunday. Firstly I able to meet with Tracy & her family at McD Mahkota Parade! We select that place becos it has the playground, kids can enjoy themself and we can have chit-chat while watching them. She is first mummy blogger I ever met so far. Others dunno when can we have the chance. Elyss also come along with Tracy, with her cute little Charlett, too bad, hubby not manage to take Charlett photo! I meet Tracy's hubby too. Nice to meet you guys! Never seen Tracy in person before but I guess I can recognised Destinee since can find her photos in her mum's blog. Tracy brought me one container of her handmade Golden Crispy. It is really nice, I appreciate that! Also some chocolate and peanut. Paiseh, paiseh! After Tracy & family left, we still in the playground for more than 1/2 hr, as Wien wants to continue playing the sliding. She also requst her papa to buy her ice-cream, becos her stomach is hungry wor....papa teasing her that hungry cannot take ice-cream but have to take rice! But at last , papa get her an ice-cream too. Later she share with Lyon as mummy not allow Lyon to have whole ice-cream. About 5.30pm, we left the shopping mall, as we need to rush back to attend our neighbour's daughter birthday party. They are Indian. They invited our whole family to attend. I already left the present to MIL, remind her to go first and past to the birthday girl, just in case we are late. Reach home about 6.30pm, the part just started. Wow, all are local Indian food such as Chapatti, tossei, Indian fried mee, teh tarik...etc. The catering do the chapattin and tossei on the spot too, so still can feel the hot! Various kind of kuah serving there too, we duno how to eat what with what kuah, my neighbour come and explain to us. It was 21st birthday party, you can see the cake show age 21 in big. All her Indian relatives wearing sari costume. Wien interested at the magic candle, but she paiseh to go nearer and blow it. After the birthday girl blow it, neighbour get her to go nearer , also ask her to cut the cake for herself. She happily did it too! Overall we enjoy the Indian food, Wien enjoy most the chocolate, sure la, the chocolate from Swiss le, as the birthday girl's mum brought back from Zurich since she is working there... Today midnight also Hokkien people do the "pai tian kong" , another firecrackers and fireworks night. Wien well prepared for it as she like to watch too! Right after 12 midnite, people around here start the booming session liao. Lyon, me and hubby went to bed before Wien, as we need to work tomorrow...but couldn't sleep too, becos of the loud sound. Booming stop about 1am, after that only has peaceful night! haih...looks like chinese really like yit-lau during great day hor!


Zara's Mama said...

so muhibah stay in small town.. We all here ah.. neighbour is who also don't know..

Good that you meet up with Tracy. Next time la.. i go Malacca I look you up. :P

kwloong said...

Wow, your Wien so kwai, share ice-cream with her mei mei. Tim sure wallop everything by himself.


Egghead said...

next time I go melaka will look you all up!

jazzmint said...

wah so nice get to meet up with tracy and destinee :). Destinee looks as though she dye her hair in the photo kekeke...

hehe never attend an indian birthday before, I'm sure it'll be nice, esp. with all the colourful sarees...

wah, wien can really tahan to watch the fireworks @ nite :)

Sabrina said...

So nice to hear that you and Tracy actually manage to meet up. I am already sick and tired of Indian food. Every functions we attend sure serve only Indian catering.

Tracy said...

Jess, u know what? I was very excited when u called me and couldn't answer ur call as I was ordering food then. So sorry to have kept u all waiting.

It was really nice meeting u, Mr. Mok, Wien and Lyon. Thank u so much for the 'dau sar bang' (happens to be one of my favourites too) and curry paste.

Hope we'll be able to meet again. And this time round hope to meet up with other bloggers too.

Wien's so considerate as to share her ice-cream with Lyon. Destinee will never share her things with another one let alone her makanan - unless she has 2 of the same kind.

And it's good to be have muhibbah ppl staying around our area - can share different kinds of food too.

Jazz: Destinee's hair has been like dat since birth. Save money on dyeing her hair in the future, kekekekeke. Only worry dat she's lack of some nutrients leh. :(

Contented Mum said...

Nice to meet fellow blogger ya. I have yet to meet fellow blogger, hope to do that one of this day.
So sweet of Wien to share ice-cream with Lyon. I really like that photos.

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama"
Let me know when is your next Melaka trip, sure will meet u up if I am free!

Food wise, she will share with mei mei, but for toys or playing stuff, no way! We have to slow talk wiht her only she will listen.

Welcome! Mayb we can meet Michelle too, of course not Mybabybay's Michelle la! hehe..

This Indian neighbour only call my family to attend the party, as only us close with them!

hehe..we hardly got chance to attend Indian party, that's why sound exciting when we got the offer!

well, nice to meet u & your family too, too bad , wien forgot to bring down her paper boat from the car, make Destinee disappointed pulak! Sorry ya..

Ya it's good chance, lucky I could make it, else dunno when can meet them!

mIcHe said...

haiya...should inform me earlier...i sure go find u & ur girls at McD.
next time round ya...then i can get to know u & ur girls better...don't have much time to read blogs these days lar :(

Allyfeel said...

Wow, it must be nice to have meet up with blogger friends huh?

Hey food in the party sounds yummy.