Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coupon System.....cause me put on weight!

After implementing uniform system, my boss also implements coupon system for all workers and staff. Every month each of us entitle RM30 coupon and can be used in our canteen. We can buy anything from canteen using the coupon. For office staff, we use to take lunch at outside, but occasionally we will ta pau from canteen. But we cannot everyday eat canteen food as they cook Malay food which is spicy all the time. So we still almost everyday eat outside, then we use the coupon to buy other thing from there. We use to go during tea break, as the canteen did make some Malay kuih, fried noodles (mee hoon, kuey teow, mee etc) or roti canai. If we did not buy those stuff, then we can buy soft drink or junk food too. In other words, just buy whatever you like, to make sure we utilized the RM30 coupon in the same month. Don’t waste! The disadvantage is I tend to eat more now, really really have to control my food intake. But our canteen fried noodles very nice, just couldn’t resist to eat them! Recently noticed I been put on weight for nearly 2kg! Wow, to reduce 1 kg is so difficult, yet I have 2 kg to loose now! Now I try not to buy kuih or fried noodle during tea break, but buy various type of bread and bring back for the girls…… Got to do more exercise too!


Egghead said...

RM30 to eat one month? too stinigy lah :P

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. not bad huh?
This Egghead say your company stingy.. but I think RM30 is ok ler.. it's just an incentive.

Vien said...

Wah, i think it's very good too! Better than not getting anything, isn't it? I miss the kuih-muih so much. Next trip home, I need to fill up on nyonya kuihs. Good luck at trying to loose weight! :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Yalah, it's better than nothing! *Sigh* got free uniform, then got free food, you better get back to work lah ;)

AsleyLee said...

Last time my friend's company gave RM80 per month, and she used to buy chocolate for us, hehehe..

Not bad to have RM30...better than nothing.

blurblur said...

Ya lor, free uniform than got RM30 to spend every month, your company's got good welfare leh.

Then your kids will be very happy too, cos got breads to eat every now and then. :)

Jesslyn said...

Give more, eat more, then I gain more! LOL

zara's mama,
yeah, kind of incentive!

yup, the curry puff here very nice too!

hehe...ya,better work now! Else no money to buy milk powder lor.

hui sia,
wah, RM80 is a lot generous company!

guess they will bored with the bread very soon! :P

Sabrina said...

Hehe.Mine is RM1.80 per day. You know lar. Taiping food very cheap. Normally I go back for lunch. Tea break change curry puffs (8 pcs), etc. or give to other colleagues lor.

babykhong said...

RM30 is not bad lor. At least the food is quite okay, if not you suffer lor.

michelle said...

I get Rm1.50 discount for lunch if we eat in the cafe. Usually I take fruits or fruit juice if I eat out.

Tips for u, u can start stocking up soft drinks for CNY.

Jesslyn said...

u also got subsidy food from co, not bad!

canteen food i still can accept,but some of my college dislike it!

ok, i will do that soon!

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