Thursday, July 13, 2006

Joke of the day

Hubby factory giving out free ticket to watch Superman Return. If anyone of us wants to go, have to pay RM2 for additional ticket. I am not a superman fans, don’t think Lyon will sit still in cinema too, so I suggest hubby to bring Wien along, since this girl never been to cinema yet. Am sure she will be fascinated over the big screen. Conversation between hubby and Wien: H : 爸爸带你去看 superman,要吗?(Papa bring you watch superman, want or not?) W: 要,要!(want , want!) 我也要看 Ultraman, Batman! (I also want to watch Ultraman, Batman!) H : 哗!酱要看Postman吗?(Wah, then Postman want or not?) W: 哈哈!不要啦!Postman 穿长裤罢了!(hahaha…dun want la, postman wear trouser only!) H : …speechless a while…. W: Superman, Batman 和 Ultraman 的底裤穿在外面嘛!(Superman, Batman and Ultraman’s underwear wear at outside mah!) All of us laugh when she say the last sentence! LOL ...she only interested on Superman's underwear!!!


Zara's Mama said...

ahem ahem.. starting young woh..only want to look at men's 底裤.


Tracy said...

Hohohohoho, this is a good joke. Postman pulak. Mr. Mok thinks Wien doesn't know the difference ar? Haiyo.

Hahaha, so observant of Wien to notice dat postman wear trousers, Super, Bat and Ultra man undies are worn outside.

Jason said...

LOL. So small already so hamsap. :P

shoppingmum said...

Did anyone tell her that? So observant!

1+2mom said...

ROFL!!!when saw the last conversation i cant stop laughing..she is so cute.Did you tell her the superman ware the underware outside??

Vien said...

eh jess, who did Wien take after the hamsup genes? LOL! But damn cute la her reply. :)

Ricket said...

Do you know Superman's underwear is very special?... its the only underwear that can put a belt around it.

IMMomsDaughter said...

So observant Wien, I thought only Superman did that :)

michelle said...

LOL Wien is real cute and very observant too. I also want to watch Superman, but not the underwear. :D

Egghead said...

so young already interested in man's underwear ah? does Wien also wear her underwear outside?

domesticgoddess said...

*笑翻*!!! 怎么她没有说,“爸爸,不然你把底裤穿在外面给我看!”:P

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama,
she also interested on their 鸡蛋too! LOL

yeah, when she said like that only i realised ler!

LOL...I would say she is curious! :P

nope, non of us!

no wor, her eyes are sharp gua!

not me, not hubby idea ler!

issit? I thought we can just put a belt on the waist without underwear too!!LOL

she has been exposed too much to TV!!

i dislike superman, still prefer mickey mouse carton show!

i ask her to wear like superman, but she said only got "egg" wan can wear like that! LOL...aiyo, this girl really make my day!


AsleyLee said...

Haha..she is so cutie!
I thought only boy loves to watch these superman, ultraman and batman, who knows your girl love them too! She can be my son's friend as Jo loves those characters very much, he always wants me to replay the characters to him. :)

HMom said...

Hehe - where did she learn that from? SO cute!

blurblur said... cute lah! Your girl is so clever...and hamsup..hehehe! :)

mom2ashley said...

wah! so young already prefer sexy cartoons yea??? LOL!

Jesslyn said...

Hui Sia,
She sapu almost every cartons movie. I bought her Barbie doll DVD but she seldom on it pulak!

hmom, i said: she watch too much TV!

charm lor, everyone say her HAMSUP! LOL...

this girl like boy/female since newborn lar! :P

jazzmint said... is so funny.