Monday, July 10, 2006

Hurricane in my house too!

My 2 girls has lots of toys in the house. Hubby cannot stand toys all over the house, so he had kept few containers and bags (travel luggage) in store room; left only 2 containers in living halls. Even with 2 containers only, they also can mess up the hall as shown in picture, cannot imagine what if we took out ALL the containers out! Guess they have to nap on top of the toys! LOL.. Good thing is they had been trained forced by papa to keep the toys back to original place after playing; otherwise, papa will threw away whatever left on the floor and their papa really mean it! Wien will just keep those toys if her papa ask her : do you want me help you or you yourself keep your toys? As she knew papa will just threw away if she refuse to keep, she had experience it before! But if mummy ask them to keep, only Lyon (I must praise her is a good girl) will do so and Wien will drag, drag and drag and say : wait, wait, wait! Usually either I'll help them keep or I just call: papa, papa, see, ah jie refuse to keep toys again! Hahaha...usually this work pretty well, she will quickly come and do her job! LOL...but very sad hor, she not listen to me...:(


Anonymous said...

Emm... me terbalik, Papa will let him plays and mess up, but I only allow Adrian to take out what he wanna play, if he wanna take others than make sure he tidy up the previous one before take anothers, very strict hor..

kwloong said...

I also have a few container. I only allow my children to play 1 container at 1 time. Both my hubby & I cannot stand messy house.


khongfamily said... many toys! I wonder when Brae reaches that stage, I can't stand with all the toys mess.

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. you got 2 hurricane! Even bigger mess!

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. you got 2 hurricane! Even bigger mess!

irene said...

wow, really mess, i couldn't stand if my living room become like that.

Vien said...

that's why i've "assigned" my formal dining room as Belle's future playroom. :P

IMMomsDaughter said...

"papa, papa, see, ah jie refuse to keep toys again!"...ha ha ha...funnylah... this mommy got back up one! Lyon so goodlah, Mei Mei will only keep if I show her the cane :(

Egghead said...

errr... in our house... we are trained to pack up our son's toys pulak :(

Allyfeel said...

Hehehe...Hurricane at home...:) same same depends on his kakak to tidy up for him but always kena scolding from me to keep it.

Lately, he tidy up his own toy, I was surprise. I believe he learnt it from one of those kids VCD. I always praise him if he be good like that.

Jesslyn said...

wah, you are strict than me..i hv to learn from u!

yup, dun give them more, else sure they will pour out all toys!

one tips: dun buy them too many toys, so mai no messy lor!
My girls have many hand-me-down toys too, that's why end up so many toys in the house!

zara's mama,
hehehe..sooner your house going to have 2 hurricane too! *grin*


we plan to assign our second room as their playroom too but that room har too many stuff there, really no idea how to clean them!:(

hubby always complaint this mummy spoil the girls, that's why they not scare me at all!
At least mei mei still scare of rotan, so still can discipine her well!

you & J very patient mah, that's why willing to do for LLS lor!

see, TV is good babysister hor! :P

chanelwong said...

Jeriel also the same, mess up.

We either ask him to keep before he bring others out or clear the mess. If not no milk, storybook reading, no biscuits etc...

My hubby and I also cannot tahan messy place especially stay in small apartment, no space..

Tracy said...

Aiyo, u really got me wondering there for a moment. How come got Hurricane in ur house? When I look at the pic, I got ur point. Really look as if a hurricane has past by ur house. Kekekekeke.

Same same over here lar. Des will flood the house with her toys and poor kakak got to pick them up. But sometimes if she's in her good mood, she'll pick up herself.