Thursday, July 06, 2006

Take a day off....

Another shopping day for myself....yes, me shop alone, without the girls monkeying around or without hubby beside me telling me :hurry up, time to go back now!....this is the day I look forward and I can shop till I drop!

I will take a day off from work and clock in in JJ at 9.00am, estimate will clock out at 5.00pm gua! LOL thing dislike during the day is : TOO CROWDED! But who care wor!? can count me crazy...


mom2ashley said...

have fun shopping!

Jason said...

After shopping, give me a call!!!

Vien said..., any good sau wok??

Zara's Mama said...

I also like to go for member day sales.. then end up buying lots of rubbish.. :P

IMMomsDaughter said...

Unlike u & Zara's Mama, I've no patience to tussle with the crowd & wait for the long queue during member's day. Happy Shopping!

HMom said...

hey, you from Melaka too?
That was my hangout during confinement (after the 1 month).luckily it was sale time too

Egghead said...

funny things is my wife also get a voucher... but to Jusco in JB pulak... LOL!

jazzmint said... day off just to shop!! Salute salute ;). Happy shopping and do blog bout what you have sapu-ed

blurblur said...

Wow, a day of shopping all by yourself! Envy! Envy! :)

Enjoy it! :)

kwloong said...

What did u buy? I am doing the same these few days hehehe... Too bad no Jusco here..:(


Jesslyn said...

no fun ler, very crowded!

sorry, now baru read your comment! Next time only meet, ok! My body feel very sticky after the shopping, quickly rush back to my mum's house to take bath!

zara's mama,
yeah, sometimes me too tend to buy rubbish! But this time I hv shopping list, just to make sure I avoid buying rubbish!

becos of the crowd & wait, that's make me hv to shop alone as my hubby will not hv that patient too!

Yup, truly Melakan!

J put her mailing address from JB? Then she got to change it lor!

too tired after shopping, no time to take those pic, later lar! :P

Usually I'll off from work on this day!

Buy quite a lot but still lesser as compare to last year! When the statement, I got no eye to see!:P

Allyfeel said...

Wah...sure or not 8 hrs of shopping?? :) Champion!!! Happy shopping.

chanelwong said...

share to us what did you buy...was it a good bargain?