Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lyon's Talks

Lyon clever to speak now, sometimes she really surprises us with her new words. We noticed she speak faster and better than Wien at this age; half credit must give to Wien as she did spoke to her quite often. We love to watch 2 of them communicate sometimes; Lyon can understand well what Wien told her. One day hubby brought back some colorful sweets, given by his boss who brought back from Germany. After dinner, he distributed to the girls, each one has one. I hinted hubby hides the balance; if not sure they will demand for more. True enough, after Lyon finish hers, she go to papa and ask for another one. Lyon : 爸爸,糖,糖 (Papa, sweets, sweets) Papa : 没有了 (No more) Lyon : 爸爸,我要糖!(Papa, I want sweet!)...teh her papa with her sweet voice... Papa : 没有了, 吃完了。(No more, finish already.) Lyon : 你们没有给我的(You all no give me )…show sour face and going to cry We really surprise she said : 你们没有给我的 we never say this to her before, wonder where she pick up this. Some more show her sour face and look so pity! LOL ....end up, papa gave her another one, then only she happily walk away and play her toys!
Most of the time Lyon was a little parrot in the house, she will just follow what we been told her, exactly the whole sentence. When she is in good mood, she will come close to us and teasing us, just like how we teased her when she cries or being naughty. She likes to do this to her Ma Ma…. Lyon : 你是爱哭包 yeah! …her little finger point to Ma Ma’s nose… Ma Ma : 不是,你才是爱哭包! Lyon : 你很坏蛋! Ma Ma : 不是,你才很坏蛋! After that she will go to Gong Gong, and say the same word to him.
My PIL just love to play with her like that….


Egghead said...

Lyon really knows how to scold people hor? :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Lyon so clever at talking already and such good power of persuasion :)

chanelwong said...

she learn fast from her to persuade her father and good memory tooo

magictree said...

Aiyah...cannot read the chinese part so miss the 'joke'. Normally, 2nd one speaks faster cause there's No1 to immitate.

Ricket said...

the older child will have great influence on the younger.

blurblur said...

Clever Lyon, pick up so fast! Yah, normally 2nd child is faster in their development because they have the elder one to learn from..:)

kwloong said...

Wow 7 characters in 1 breath, I am impressed. Aiyah Lyon manja the wrong person, should manja you instead. Sure you will give her all the sweets...:P


Jesslyn said...

Not scold but complaint! She is Complaint Queen in the house now! :P

another murai, we foresee 2 preetty soon 2 of them will be argue to each other!

she like to follow her jie jie, if wien demand anything, sure she want her share too. And her share cannot smaller than jie jie! :)

2nd part is she teasing my MIL, just like as how we tease her sometimes!

ya lor, that's why we always told the elder to behave, else sure her mei mei will follow!

hey, u seem can read my mind hor! kekekeke...

Zara's Mama said...

Can tell who she pick up those words from from the 2nd conversation. Haha.

They all really amazing.. the way they pick up words and the language.

Vien said...

LOL! Looks like it's Lyon 1 Daddy 0. This one is a lawyer in training..hehe.

mom2ashley said... cute when they start to speak...

Allyfeel said...

haha...lyon so pandai to teh at such young age. Papa heart also melt and gave in.

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama,
yeah, very fast pick up too!

lawyer? way to go!

hehe...ashley going to speak soon, right!

being the youngest at home, everyone also sayang her!