Monday, July 17, 2006

What did I buy?

I had draft a shopping list during my shopping day. I Have to do it, else I will buy rubbish home as previous year! Then someone sure "ngi ngi ngo ngo" you know who I am refering too!:D My shopping list.....

  • shoes for the girls
  • Bermuda shorts for hubby upon his request!
  • my sandal
  • cardigan for myself
  • swim suit for the girls
  • diapers for Lyon
  • food stuff from supermarket, grab whatever is on sale!

Must Not buy below items....

  • clothes or dresses for the girls - since they have enough stock now.
  • no dress or clothes for myself - since office already start wearing uniform.
  • my shoes - I still have 1 brand new pair of shoes inside the shoe rack.
  • bedsheet - current one still in good condition.

End up, what I bought....

  • my girls' shoes ( 2 pair for Lyon, one for Wien)
  • 2 pair working shoes for myself! See, I bought working shoes again, even though not in my shopping list! I cannot resist from buying them lar, up to 70% discount nice sandal for me so buy working shoes lor! Anyway, I just love buying shoes...
  • 3 short pants for hubby, 2 for myself (same brand, same color with hubby's but different size lar!)
  • one working blouse for hubby.
  • diapers for Lyon
  • one long pants for Wien
  • one tee for myself
  • food stuff according to the list.
  • arm band for the girls.

Aiyah, those swim suit was not on sale, still as expensive as before. I was eyeing on some nice & cute swim suit for the girls. Only manage to get them the arm band. Looks like I am going to DIY for can say me stingy if you want ... :P

Left : Wien - red // Lyon - Blue & yellow Right : my shoes

hehe...I didn't take pictures for other stuff I bought....Lazy!


IMMomsDaughter said...

It's my turn to go for Parkson Pre-sale this Thursday. Have already targetted some items to buy :)

Egghead said...

hehe! it's true that women help the most for our economy :P

blurblur said...

Wah, you quite good leh, you stick closely to your list..if me hor, i think end up i'll buy something totally off the list...hahaha..;p

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. got list some more.

If me.. sure buy the most useless things back one.

Sabrina said...

Haha..Hubby always ask me how long will I take to finish shopping coz he knows I'll ended up going into more n more shops n buy more n more stuffs.

1+2mom said...

You know to make swim suit?? Wah geng ler!!! Yea those branded swim suit so expensive, i bought my gals swim suit at Tesco it just cost about RM 10++ only.

Me too very stingy cause if buy so expensive swim suit just wear few time and keep a side very waste ler.

jazzmint said...

wah..swimsuit also wanna DIY?? Can kah. I agree, no point buying expensive swimsuit, they outgrow very fast

Vien said...

I also have to exclaimed a big "Wah" like geng can diy swimsuit. I bought a bikini set for Belle last week. You can copy the pattern..will surely look cute on your girls..hehe.

Jesslyn said...

Have fun ya!

Certainly! 女人钱最好赚!

this time only! Before this I just grab whatever i like!

zara's mama,
this year clever liao lor!

you also kaki shopping hor!

1+2 mom,
That's the reason why I wanna wait for sale to buy! But no offer ler..*sigh*
If I manage DIY, i show later ya!

Can! WIP now! LOL

hehehe...I hv an idea in mind now!

chanelwong said...

Enjoy your shopping.?..I always have to keep reminding myself no keep to my list...

Jesslyn said...

enjoy being alone! hehe...can have slow meal too!

irene said...

haha, woman is woman lar..i always tell myself not to buy dress or cloths for jj, but end up, bought again..haha