Tuesday, July 04, 2006


After give birth to Wien, I did use 呼拉圈 to do exercise, hoping my waist can back to pre-pregnancy measurement, also to loose some extra fat at my body. But after few months, my waist still 2' above pre-pregnancy. So I gave up. But sometimes I did play with it when I am free! This morning, saw MIL doing exercise using the 呼拉圈 at porch, Wien also took out hers and follow her. Don't be surprise when you see the picture below. Yes, the 呼拉圈 is giant type, I ever measured the diameter is 2 inches! ....and I am using it to do excercise last time too! It looks big and giant, and quite heavy too; but it easily can make u sweat in just less than 10 minutes! Mind you, it might hurt your waist if you not familiar with it. Read here for the disadvantage of using it. I remember after using this giant 呼拉圈, I felt pain at my waist; but after few practises, it seem ok for me. That's why I dare to continue playing with it.

The giant 呼拉圈
When I play with it, MIL did warn me sometimes : eh, make sure now you not pregnant har, else I got no eye to see har! LOL, she is too cute sometimes! Of course I know what I am doing and I know the consequences of playing with 呼拉圈 if I am carrying a baby! btw, Wien very good at playing with 呼拉圈, she can turn it about 8-9 rounds using her own 呼拉圈! Consider quite good result for her age now. My SIL#1's daughter (10 years old) still cannot turn for so many rounds! :P

Wien & Lyon's 呼拉圈(Yellow=Wien, Red=Lyon)


mom2ashley said...

i also used to play around with these hoola hoops when i was a kid...

IMMomsDaughter said...

Me too! I used to love playing with them during our PE classes..those were the days...

Egghead said...

women really care a lot of about their weight huh? :P

Egghead said...

I used to use this hoola hoops to exercise before I got LLS. Now it has become LLS's little racing cars' race track!!

(hehe.. using Egghead's login coz i no sign up as blogger)

irene said...

aiyo, i dont know how to play ler..coz everytime can turn for 2 or 3 rounds only..

i got a friend also called Jesslyn who was graduated from UKM

Jesslyn said...

now no more playing with it?

you still can play now mah, am sure your kids will beg u to buy them one!:P

I can say 99.9% women are like me!

Welcome J, hope to see u more often here!
yeah, sometimes it become my girls' racing track too!

Wien: Irene 阿姨,来,我教你!包你很快学会的!哈哈!

~~I am from TARC~~

Msau said...

wah..train both gals since tat young ahh..hehe..wish them have small waist kah? weii..u know that is very dangerous ler..I meant when ur gals become 'evil' bodyshape...haha

kwloong said...

I can do lots of rounds when I was in school, now I donno. Must borrow yours to try it out. How many can you do, if Wien can do 8-9, mummy sure can do lots more...:D


Zara's Mama said...

Zara likes to play with the hoola hoops too, but of course still don't know how to use it la.

Actually I also don't know how to do you know.. it always fall before I can do up to 3.. :P

magictree said...

Not bad huh Wien. Even I have problems with it. She's very talented hor...like you or hubby?

Jesslyn said...

LOL..when we play, they also want, so MIL get them each lor!

I can do many round too but never count ler, one day I count and let u know ya!
When play with Wien, I will pretend as a loser, so that she will feel proud, and keep "teaching" me her way doing it! :P

zara's mama:
Looks like Wien need to teach u too! LOL...
Lyon dont know too but she will shake her butt when she try to turn the hoola hoops! Very funny!

hubby dont know to turn hoola hoops, so she is like me lor...but in many other way, she is more like her papa!...psst psst...her papa always claim his daughters as talented as him, always teasing me a blur blur mummy..:(

blurblur said...

Hehe..i can hold up to 15 minutes without it dropping leh..Damien love to play with the hoops too, but he can only managed 2 turns at the moment..hehe..

jazzmint said...

wah lyon also do kah :P...I'm really no good at this, but heard that it helps to get the waist back after birth ;)

Jesslyn said...

wah! 15 min!! I wanna beat your record! Set yours as my target now.

yeah, it work to reduce some fat but hv to persistent lar!
Lyon now only play play with it!

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