Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Market your business

If you are running a business now, I think you will realize it is not easy to operate and manage the operation if you are lack of experience. I had ever own a business so far though I plan to do so in near future. I am still in the midst of learning how to manage an online store.

One of my best friends was running a printing and binding company. She had been in this field for 2 years; however her businesses seem does not have any improvement in terms of profit or sales volume. She is clueless and could not find out the root cause. I think the main reason is she hardly stay in her shop during business hour, she very much depend on her assistants to help her monitor the business operation. By the way, she also owns other business besides this printing and binding company. Therefore she could not 7x24 stay in her shop. She needs to run and there in order to juggle her other businesses.

Perhaps she should try to look for Marketing Company and help her identify her business trends and change the business operation. First of all, she should develop brand identity or brand image for her products and services. Too bad I am not an expert in this field, else I can help her promote her company as well as bring in more revenue.

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