Saturday, February 02, 2008

Introduce soccer game to my kids

My girls know when weekend is. Once they see me and hubby did not go to work in morning, then they will start begging us to bring them out, either go shopping malls or play at nearby big field. I think they had bored playing with puzzles, dough, toys or even bored watching their favorite cartoon series. We will bring them out as long as we are free and nothing to do during weekend.

There is a big and green big field nearby my house area. It is really a good place for kids to run about and have fun there. They can either cycling; playing kites or kicks balls at the big field. At the field, my girls also can meet more new friends from different races. It is fun to see them playing together though sometimes they cannot communicate well due to different dialect.

This coming weekend I plan to play Soccer Balls with them. This type of games cannot play in house; else they are going to break many of the household items including the nice vases! Soccer games is hubby’s favorite games during his school life, and he even represent his school and play it nationally with other school mates. He is very proud of himself coz he ever won many prizes from this games. Let’s hope one day his girls also can master this game!

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