Sunday, February 24, 2008

Modern furniture from eroomservice

If you follow my blog, I am sure you know I just confirmed to buy one unit of house at Ozana Resort. I love this house very much coz it has a big compound and I can do a little gardening at this area. Alternatively I can create a playground at this compound to let my girls play during evening time. Right now we have no intention to move in coz we are having problem to locate a proper primary school for the girls. Perhaps we will move in once they finish they primary stage and enter secondary school. Therefore we will not buy any quality furniture for the house at this moment too.

However we will buy some modern furniture for the house once we decide to move in later. See, modern furniture is not cheap nowadays, so we have to wait for sale period, then only will go to furniture shop to look for our desire modern furniture. By the way, I will look for modern furniture at coz the site has wide selection of home furniture for me to choose from. Moreover, the prices offer by the site are affordable and within my budget too. Of course, I will still wait for great sale if I wish to save more money.


Anonymous said...

Erooomservice is a terrible company with no moral obligations and a SCAM!!!!

My bedroom set arrived damaged and then i had to deal with the asshole owner, Steve. Please do yourself a favor and dont deal with them.