Saturday, February 02, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Chinese New Year is around the corner now, and I only cleaned ½ portion of my house. I only have time to do the spring clean during weekend, so not much area I can cover in one weekend. Lucky my hubby willing to give me hand while the kids clean and sort their toys into a big carton. Initially we plan to get helper to clean the house, but the fee is too much. He wants to charge $100 for 5 hours; it is too much for me. I rather take the trouble and clean it myself (with family members help of course) instead of paying so much to him. I am not stingy lar!

While I do the spring clean, I realized my girls have more than 2 big luggages of soft toys. Wow, since when they have so many toys? After I gone through one by one, I noticed some toys not buy by me. Those are the toys taken back by my MIL from her neighbors. Too bad, I cannot throw away those toys; else my MIL sure will make a big fuss over me.

Oh ya, I also found some old Baseball Gloves that were used by hubby during his school life. There are still well kept in a box. I ask hubby whether he still needs them or not, he told me that can keep for his girls when they grow older a bit. Fine, I will keep them since they do not take up a lot of space in my store room.

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