Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Mickey Year!

Did you see all the dresses hanging there? Total 8 pieces, 7 handmade by me, 1 bought at shopping mall. So each girl has 4 set, same as last year. Imagine how much I save for my girls clothing. Let's say one piece is RM30, now I can save at least RM210. That's a lot to me! My material cost is less than RM50, some more I bought good quality fabric from Kamdar. Hehe..I know many of you will envy me now.

Too bad, my kids' blog is down now, else I can show off their dresses one by one.

Anyway, I am here wishing you A Very Prosperous Chinese New Year! May the Mickie year bring you lots of wealth & good luck!


chooi peng said...

since cant see the actual design, so what i want to say is i like the green color dress bcoz of the color!

Bengbeng said...

happy new year to u. found yr blog by googling for yr name. u left a comment on my blog but yr link didnt work :)

have a great year ahead :)