Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Our Human Resource very strict in disciplinary. Many things we are not allow to do in office, including turn on the speaker. Some staff’s speakers have to keep by Human Resource, especially those in production floor coz hard to monitor and control them. my speaker still with me, however I seldom on it coz I afraid one day he might issue me an warning letter because listening to music during office hour.

I was thinking in fact I can get a grado headphones, so that I can hear songs without disturbing other staff. Of course I have to control and limit myself for doing so. I can use the grado headphones during lunch break coz most of the staff will out for lunch during the break. There are few models of grado headphones in the market now and I am not sure which the best that suit me is. My friends told me that I can check out the features and review given by consumer at WizeRank. Perhaps I should spend some time searching at and look for the best price of grado headphones for myself.