Monday, July 14, 2008

Back pain again

I am suffering from back pain again. Previously I experienced this before. It took me very long time to recover. I had tried many ways, such as using pain relief plaster, take medicine that prescribe by doctor, change my sitting position while using pc etc. But the condition still the same. Then my hubby suggests me don't sleep on the mattress that placed on the floor anymore. After some time, the pain gone without my knowledge. Since then I seldom sleep on floor. I will go to my bed after my girl fall asleep. If not, my hub will wake me up and ask me sleep on my own bed. See how thoughtful he is. Lucky I have him to remind me.

Nowadays he also keep remind me don't sleep on the floor. Wonder how come kids can tolerate sleeping on the floor? Perhaps their bones still soft. But I worry it will affect my girl, so I had changed her mattress to 5 inch height and place more rubber floor mate onto floor too. Hopefully it will give more protection to them and to me sometimes.


Sasha said...

u have slipped disc izit? then u better go MRI to check leh...take care