Friday, July 04, 2008

Designer Shoes

I am a shoe person and also a shopacolic for shoe too. The highest record for my shoe collection is up to 4 pairs at one time. Those are working shoes to me, so I keep 2 pairs in my car while the other 2 pairs at my shoe rack. My hubby commented I am wasting money for keeping so many pairs of shoes at one go. Hey, who care? As long as it matches my clothing, right?

Sometimes I love to shop the shoes online coz I can find variety of shoe design over the net as compare to shop at shoe shops. Of course I will have to bear the high shipping cost. But once a while it is ok for me to pamper myself. Well, if you are a shoe person like me, then you should not miss out this online store : Blowfish. You can find lots of Blowfish shoes, Blowfish women’s shoes and Blowfish Men’s shoes from their website. First of all I must say their website design very unique and creative. It did give me a very good impression once I enter the site.

Blowfish shoes are from the designers of famous brands such as Rocket Dog, Espirit, Sam & Libby, Hippopotamus, Aerosoles and David Aaron. You can find sandals, boots and casual shoes here with affordable prices. Check out the site now.