Thursday, July 31, 2008

Insurance quotes comparison

One of my close friends looking for insurance quote now as he was planning to buy a new car. This is due to his existing car always gives him problem nowadays. I was joking with him to buy a 7-seater car but he said if he’ll to buy MPV, then each month his family members got to plain porridge with salted egg! LOL..anyway, he just wish to have a vehicle for him to drive to work.

Well, before deciding which car to buy, he needs to know car insurance premium in order to plan his financial budget. He does not want to spend so much on insurance and some car’s insurance very high too. Since there are plenty of car insurance companies in the market now, so how you approach them to buy auto insurance for your car? By making phone call to the insurance agents or browsing through Yellow Page ads? Let’s stop all these, now you can look for best car insurance quotes online and buy online too!

I suggest my friend to check out to get the auto insurance quote first before he confirms his insurance plan with any insurance agents. As what I read from their web, Insurance1 will offer you the best rates and the cheapest most affordable auto policies then elsewhere. Please bear in mind that the cost of insurance will vary depending on the amount of coverage you request. By the way, you also can get life insurance quotes from same site. Check it out.


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