Friday, July 25, 2008

WaMu saving account

With the advancement of internet, nowadays we can check our Savings Account via online feature. I prefer to do everything online coz I can save the time on queuing at bank. If you have saving account with WaMu, then you can do many things using their baking services.

WaMu has lot of benefits and features from their saving account. They offer the account holder many useful features, so that they can manage the online transaction easily at their comfort house. Hey, don’t you think online banking can save you plenty of time. Imagine, you no need to go bank, waste time on parking and queuing etc. just use a click of mouse, then can settle most of your utility bills. Isn’t it great!

Other than free online banking facilities, user of saving accounts also can enjoy free Electronic statements, no monthly service charge require etc. On top of that, WaMu also has overdraft facilities that able to link with saving account. So for small business owner, perhaps they can consider taking up this facility and ease their cash flow. Not all the bank will approve loan for small business owner, therefore they can look for overdraft facility.

Check out WaMu for more detail now!