Monday, July 21, 2008

Reading is fun too!

Teaching preschool children is not a difficult job provided you know the trick on how to attract your children having fun while reading or writing. Nowadays you can find lot of useful website offer the help to guide you getting ready for kindergarten. I personally like to surf for early literacy programs from internet and learn from it, so that I can have some ideas and teach my girls slowly. One of the well known early literacy programs is Funetics where you can use it to teach your preschool children to read through engaging games, activities, songs and fun. Majority of children dislike reading, hence building a strong foundation for reading success is the single most important thing you can do for your child.

Funetics is one of the oldest phonics-based reading programs on the market. You can check out here to read what other parents who have used Funetics say. Alternatively you can read through the FAQ of the program before start using Funetics. Have fun of reading through Funetics!