Friday, July 25, 2008

Plan for holiday

I had been travel to many places. Throughout the many places, I prefer Europe the most. Though the currency exchange rate is high for Europe but if you do not convert the rate, you will notice amount you spend for each items is almost equivalent to our money here. My next travel destination to Europe will be Italy, Rome and Paris.

Paris is the romantic place for couple, I am sure you aware about this too. Paris is quite big and usually the tour packages only bring you the big city of Paris but not the small town there. If possible I wish to go places like Brittany, Brest or Lorient. Accommodation to these places should not be a problem to us coz we can check the hotel rate online easily. Whether you want to Rent a private apartment in Brest or look for Cheap private villas in Lorient, you can always check the rate and availability at

You can view the hotel or apartments pictures, map, dining places via Holiday-Rentals too. It will give you comprehensive information as your tour guide. Check out the site if you wish to go Paris soon!