Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shame Shame

We have visitors coming today. Usually as a host, we will have to bear the expenses for their lunch/meals. Due to my boss is not free to entertain them for lunch, so my colleagues have to bring the guests out. When you have to bring visitors or guests out for lunch, then you have to serve them with good food or at least presentable food from presentable restaurant.

The problem now is the 2 colleagues do not have sufficient money in their wallet today. So one of them come to me and want to borrow some cash from me. at first I am very hesitant to borrow cos this fella took very long time to return the money. I know his pattern. I asked to request from account but he doesn’t want. After few persuasion, I gave in at last. Of course I have to call witness for this, other wise he might not return me the money. LOL

Aiyo, no money then better tell my boss straight away lar, I am sure my boss will takeout some cash for him. St*pid!