Friday, July 04, 2008

Birthday present for him

I am helpless in buying birthday or wedding presents. I will take long time to decide on what to buy if anyone having birthday or wedding reception. Sometimes I tend to buy same thing for all people. LOL!

Now I am having the same problem again. My cousin going to celebrate his 11 years old birthday in next 2 weeks. For boys it is so much easier to buy anything coz I can ask my girls to choose for the birthday girl. But for boys, it is a bit difficult. Their tastes tend to differ from girls most of the time. Some of my friends recommended me to buy Soccer Goals as gift for boys. According to them, boys sure will like this kind of outdoor activity. At this age, should involve more into outdoor activity, in order to train them to have more involvement and to meet more friends while they are in field.

Other than playing with their friends, they also can play with sibling or parents. Then they form a better relationship with family members too. as I know my brother in law is a very busy businessman, he seldom has quality time to spend with his kids. Hopefully after my cousin owns the soccer goals, his dad will play with him some times.

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