Monday, January 09, 2006

2006 First Tagging

Suppose to blog on my mum’s birthday on last saturday; but this morning, found me kena tagged by Jazzmint pulak. Ok, do this first if not I will put aside duno till now! The Rules: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom spot. 1. The Life of an Independent Babe 2. My All 3. All About Zara 4. Faythe's Baby Blog 5. Jess2princess Then you select five people to pass the love on to. Here's my selection : 1. Tracy’s net –wish to know your past 10 years... 2. Sabrina – 2nd baby coming soon? 3. Baby smooches – how’s your new working environment? 4. Jason – other than eating, what else you like? 5. Egghead – me tag you lagi, despite other ppl also tag u! you have to do also, since so many choop you liao! keke...

1. What were you doing ten years ago?

Now is 2006 hor 1996 I just finished my studies in TARC, pursuing Diploma in Business Studies(ICSA) my first job as Personal Assistant/Adm Exe. In Sinmah Multifeed(not related to my studies at all !!!) Though now no longer served this company, but glad to say that I still keep in touch with my ex-colleage & ex-boss!

2. What were you doing 1 year ago?

One year ago, I still in maternity leave (give birth to Lyon on 22/11/04). Busy taking care newborn bb, at the same time busy entertaining Wien, due to sibling rivalry & jealously! What a tiring & horrible phase that I have to go through!

3. Five super fatty and high cholesterol snacks you enjoy:

1. Rendang chicken

2. Satay (chicken or beef)

3. chips potatoes (canot live without it)

4. pineapple tart

5. keropok (prawn or fish type..)

4. Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:

1. 摇篮曲 2. twinkle twinkle little star 3. Baa Baa black sheep 4. 虎姑婆 5. all baby/kids song la…if want to list out, will be not enough space…

5. Five things you would do if you were a millionaire (actually how far can you stretch a million dollar nowadays?)

1. Travel round the world with my family ( hubby & 2 girls) 2. Buy a big bungalow with all the hi-tech facilities inside, with a friendly Asimo robot too! 3. Open a boutique & be a lady boss! 4. Some portion donate to charity body ..err have not think to donate how much ! 5. Balance bank in & earn interest

6. Five bad habits:

1. impatient (hubby always say me like true also)

2. bad housekeeping bad, messy

3. nag my hubby …in fact he is there for me to release my fuss! Bad hor?

4. use office hour to do blogging..but then hor at home no time le

5. like to do things in rush

7. Five things you like doing:

1. Spending quality time with my hubby & girls

2. visit my mum more often

3. learn photoshop

4. shopping shopping shopping..without kids around

5. eat healthily

8.Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:

1. handphone – have to use till it really cannot ‘play with’ 2. baby walker 3. baby cot 4. school uniform ( same as twinsmum) 5. perfume ( I have many collections, is time to stop buying, but but hor I couldn’t resist buying le !)

9. Five favorite toys:

1. Wien & Lyon…my great toys which bring so much laughter to us!

2. sewing machine 3. cooking set (wok la) 4. perfume 5. ??......couldn’t think what else le..


jazzmint said...

wah perfume collector :O...i like the bottles, but not the perfume hehehe

Egghead said...

wah! more pressure for me to do liao :P

I like perfume bottle ler... like to buy those pasar malam type and pour all the perfume away :P

Jesslyn said...

both bottle & perfume i like le!

pour away perfume? so wasted ka?
i canot use pasar malam perfume, will itchy & get red spot after use!

Tracy said...

Eiks! I know I'll have my days - being tagged. But I thought I was to be tagged by Rachel, never thought I'll be tagged by u. Wait lar, I'll do my homework.

Allyfeel said...

wei, you can sew arr...? Actually I wanted to learn sewing, regreted never learn from my mum when she offer to teach me when I was younger.

Zara's Mama said...

what happened if you get pregnant again and you have twins? Sure need to buy another walker and cot liao right?


Jesslyn said...

me cepat-cepat choop u b4 Rachel lor :P..wait to see your homework ya!

sewing is my greatest hobby other than cooking...I like to sew dresses for Wien, now sew for Lyon..

zara's mama:
twins? dreaming only la..but hope not to get twin le, i very scare take care newborn, as all my newborn bb love to cry...sigh*