Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rendang Chicken

I love rendang chicken very much, but till now still cannot cook out a very delicious of this food. Also this food need lots of ingredient, such as serai, santan(can replace with Carnation milk, but still the santan the best!!) , chili paste, kelapa parut etc etc...so lazy mummy like me used to buy the ready make paste from market, just add in chicken one! This of course make my life easier but the result not so good, as the paste itself not so tasty liao! I had been tried few type of paste's brand so far.......but last weekend I had FOUND a tasty paste....(from Cosway's) Instead of saying I am a member of this direct sale, can say I am the regular customer la, because the purpose I join is to buy the product for my own used only. I came across this DRY RENDANG PASTE from it booklet, so tempted to buy & try. Last Saturday, after work, I drove to the stockist center & buy one bag. The shop owner very close to me as they are my neighbour before. She taught me to fry the chicken first, set aside.Then fried the paste a while, add 2 glass of water, some Carnation milk & serai ( to make it more tastier), later add in the chicken. Stir till the chicken is cook & the water is drier. So for my dinner, I cook it since my fridge still got chicken! Wow, it's delicious. I definetely will buy again!


Zara's Mama said...

but looks like Ayam Masak Merah! :P

as long as taste good.. ok la.. whatever it looks like.

mom2ashley said...

true..looks like ayam masak merah la..kekekekke

jazzmint said...

yum yum...i never dare to try curry, to me looks pretty tough. maybe during cny break can try :p

Tracy said...

I love Rendang too.

Aren't we suppose to put dessicated coconut to make the curry drier? The curry in the pic looks a bit wet.

Jesslyn said...

Zzara's mama & mom2ashley:
ayam masak merak shoudl look merah merah ma...haha
I think not dry enough la! that's y turn out different pulak, but the taste is good..:P

curry & renday really tough to cook, need the skill la! me still learning..

that's ready made paste, it noted got dessicated coconut inside liao, just cook & stir till dry..mayb not dry enough lor..:P (need the kuah to eat with rice la!)

Milly said...

erm...cosway direct sale!! wah..make adverstiment at here??// ehhe...

erm..im also a cosway user lor... alot of thing mummy bought from cosway, like dish drops...

the rendang looks nice,,,drooling lor..

Baby Smooches said...

that's the power of having ready paste available. I used to get that from a makcik in the local market near our house.

shiaulin said...

wow yum yum... have u try Brahim brand? this brand also not bad though.

Jesslyn said...

we are not suppose to mention cosway hor!
nvm la, they should proud of it as do free promo for them!

now everything need to be done fast, so ready make thingy ready make our life easy!:P

Brahim? not yet try it...ok, will try it out one day & do the comparison! Tks for telling me, normaly i will only try it if got any recommdation from friends!

Allyfeel said...

really so yummy arr? got the kelapa parut? My sister can make the traditional one very well, I am hopeless also, only use Brahim's packet. :)