Monday, January 09, 2006

My Mum's 68th Birthday

11/01 - Update with some photos... Last Saturday is my mum's chinese calendar birthday, she is 68 years old now! She seldom eat outside food, she will cook rather than ta-pau! She is dat traditional women. Well, for most of her birthday, we will try our best to go home & celebrate with her. Last year I not manage to go home due to my confinemnt, so this year I have to! My big elder sister prepared longan jelly & nyonya pong teh chicken from her house. Me buy a chocolate cake (buy it becos that bakery shop name it 贵夫人 that attracted my attention!! Also good recommendation from the shop owner) and prepared my favourite fried chicken ( chicken again hor?!). Then mum fried mee hoon and nugget for the kids. At first she want to cook curry chicken but I stop her, else we are going to eat 3 type of chicken dishes...heheh !! Second sister stay in KL, she did not come back this year, have to wait till CNY only come back . Big Elder brother buy satay, one of Wien's favourite's food! Youngest brother stay in Seremban, he still need to work full day on Saturday, to cover for CNY. So by the time they (wife & one toddle girl) reached home, it's already almost 8pm! But we start eating first lor, else Wien will be searching for junk food liao! By 9pm, cake cutting session. When I took out the cake, Wien very happy to help me put the candle on, so does brother 's toddle girl, Zhi Yin. But they put the candle up-side down, u can see from the picture. Lyon also come over and start touching the cake, I quickly get hubby to hold her. Wien very greedy, while put on the candle, she quickly snatch the jelly on top of the cake & put into her mouth!! I quickly stop her, but she still manage to eat bad this girl! After singing the birthday song, Wien, Lyon and Zhi Yin blow the candle pulak, instead my mum! kids are kids hor! The greedy Wien le, after blowing, she quick hand quick leg sapu all the balance jelly! I not yet shout at her, she already finish all! My elder sister keep laughing the way she sapu the jelly. Wien has 2 camera toys, those already cannot be used anymore. She so far never seen any people took picture with it. So when my elder sister took out her analog camera(yes, she still using it...) and took picture, she keep looking at it and start asking us whether that camera is toy or real camera! How come so big one ha? Me and hubby cannot tahan the way she asked. I think next 1-2 years, sure no one kids will know what analog camera is! They only know digital camera...poor thing! Just like those black and white TV.... Lyon this time in my mum's house walking, running here and there liao; previously only crawling. She even want to climb & play with the staircase, so dangerous! She quite attached to daddy now, so I can do the fried chicken & help my mum too. If not, she cling to me, anything also cannot do..sigh! She attached to daddy since daddy was on long leave(one whole week while factory shut down) last Dec 05. Me now can lepak with Wien without worrying Lyon will cry if leave her with daddy..kekeke...


jazzmint said...

Happy Birthday to your mom :)...Wah Wien very observant, next thing she's gonna ask you how to use that camera toy of hers :P and start taking photos at home hehehe

mom2ashley said...

happy bday to your mom!!!

Sabrina said...

So cute..hehe..Kids hand can move very fast when they want something. Keith does that too.

Allyfeel said...

Happy Birthday to ur mum. ur kids so cute har.. put the candle up side down...hehe!

So good ler, lyon so close to daddy now. Can help u and let u relax a bit mah! :)

Zara's Mama said...

So you went back to Malacca to celebrate with your mum?

You are right ler, I think few more years kids will think analogue camera is a toy and fun to play with. Just like those telephone with dials.. when they see them now also they think it's toy.

Happy Birthday to your mum, btw, she looked young.

Jesslyn said...

She did ask me on that liao..LOL


Keith too quick hand quick leg ha! Next time have all kids together, see who is the fastest...keke

The way they put so ugly hor, but i canot rearrange le as wien said: mummy, i want toput this way la..*sigh*

zara's mama:
Yup, we back to Melaka last weekend!
My hse still got the telephone with dial..still in good condition!