Friday, January 13, 2006

Playful Lyon

I ever heard that second baby will be more playful than the first. Dunno how true it is..but I slowly can see from Lyon. She is more playful and active than Wien if compare to age as 14months now! Of course la, because she is Wien's follower ma! So, cannot say second baby is more playful....not fair to them too. Whatever Wien is doing, she will imitake or follow. Eg: Lyon refuse to put on the Xmas hat, but after she saw Wien is wearing it, she will snatch from Wien pulak, then put it on by herself. Wien sometimes will elongated her tougue while playing with me, she wil imitake too! So many things she imitake if she happen to see doing it. Recently she will pick up things from floor and threw into dustbin, either a piece of paper or toy. We saw her picking thing then walk walk walk towards dustbin, wonder what will she do. Then she straight threw it inside dustbin! When she share food with Wien, Wien will open the plastic, then Lyon will responsible to threw it to dustbin..what a good partnet hor! Wien never ask her to threw it, but she will pick up from floow and threw it. Last night I was sitting near to my sewing machine, Lyon keep open/close the drawer, she will dig whatever thing inside the drawer too. She managed to dig out one small packet button, then she walk out from the room. I just follow her, to see what is her next action. She walk towards dustbin and threw! Aiyo this girl...why threw mummy's thing! While I pick up from the dustbin, MIL quickly told me dun pick up, else next time she will pick up thing from dustbin too! Ya hor, how come I never think of this( in fact I always never think of the consequences of what I am doing..!!)..but too late, the packet already in my hand. Guess what Lyon do after that? She also put her hand in the dustbin and want to pick those rubbish! sigh* During bedtime After sending her to bedroom, she will just remain playing on her bed. Lucky she will not walk around the room or climb up my bed so far. But if Wien suddenly enter the room, then charm lor, she will not sleep then, she will keep playing with her till I have to chase Wien out from the room. So I have to make sure Wien has her homework or daddy keep her occupied b4 I send Lyon to bed. I will sing to her, after that I will pretend sleeping, hoping she will sleep too! But sometimes she will come close to me, either sayang my face ( at the same time she will keep say yang yang), or poke my nose or mouth using her finger! If I say mummy pain pain la, then she will be more excited and keep repeating her trick! She is that playful but we love it as she bring so much laughter to the family, just like when Wien is at her age... Squatting down to look for "aw"(the way she call pussy cat) under my car! She read as : UpPer = apple, Olen = orange. One side of our wall full with these pasted paper. It's look ugly but worth it! It is Wien's daily read. Whenever Wien is reading them, Lyon also will come and join the reading. It is fun when see she point one by one and read, although duno what she read!


Egghead said...

your Lyon and Wien really tempting me to get my son a sibling ler :(

Jesslyn said...

Hope you get a doggie girl this year ha!

mIcHe said... 2nd girl is very much active than my first. besides their personality, i think they have a jie jie to play with. now, when my 2nd grow older i just hope that she could influence my 1st to be more active and run around the house instead of just sitting down and playing quietly.

Tracy said...

It's good to have children to be 2 or 3 years apart. Then they can play together and the younger one can learn from the elder one. Wien will always be the 'loser' too cos I'm sure she will always allow and offer 'mei mei' to have everything she wants, rite?

The pics of Lyon looking for the 'aw' are sooo cute. Head pun sudah senget one side to look for the 'aw', ha, ha, ha.

Zara's Mama said...

Hah, Lyon also calls a cat Aw? Just like Zara hor? Wow, same language one these little ones have. :P

Yeah loh, she looks so cute squating down to look for things. Zara also do that, but it never occured to me to take photo.. maybe I should do that soon..

At this age, they are super cute! *cubit*

kwloong said...

I find that now is the cute stage. Wonder what happens if we put Lyon and Emily together?

Allyfeel said... son also like to "buang" things to the bin. He will ripped of his CD cover and throw them to the bin.
Jia lat, his CD collection all got CD no cover. *shake head*.

Jesslyn said...

your 1st girl so kuai ha! sometimes I wish Wien can sit queitly too!

Wien offer things to Lyon? No la, she likes to snatch thing from Lyon too!

Zara's mama:
To take her squatting down photo, we have to pretend the "aw".. then only can take photo lor! keke..

Sometimes I also wonder what would happen...just wish we can meet each other ya!

Smart boy I can say. The cover no use liao ma, he only prefer the cd!