Monday, January 16, 2006

CNY Preparation

CNY just around the corner, our Xmas tree had turned to become 梅花树 ! Lyon just love to touch the flower, she will say: hua, hua (花),美美(beautiful flower). The tree not really properly decorated yet, just hang some 梅花 (blossom?) for the kids pleasure viewing only... In fact the house also not really do the big cleaning (大扫除!), over the weekend me dunno busy for what, the time seem like not enough to spend! Wish I could have more than 24 hour! Hubby complaining me why I must do the cleaning for CNY, just let it be la! Man are man, they just couldn't understand, right? Normally I only do the simple cleaning, as the 2 girls will disturb me. Like last year, when I do the cleaning, Wien also come and "help" me, end up she play with the water, wet her whole shirt & pant! I have to wait for their nap time only can do this and that! So what can we do in 1-2 hour (their nap time)?? I wish I could make some cookies, like Zara's mama; sew many many dresses for Wien, Lyon, Zhi Yin(brother's daughter), my mum, myself, my sisters...bla bla bla...but where to find the extra hours? unless no sleeping time lor! Sound very busy hor.... Well, my room had done the cleaning last weekend, with hubby help of course! Must get him to involve, me alone cannot do all. Kitchen done by MIL, as most of her things were there, if ask us to clean, sure many things will be threw by hubby one; so she say she will do it herself..keke..what a relief for me!! Next step is to decor the house so that to feel the new year mood; couln't feel the new year mood without the nice decoration. Hubby again say me eat full nothing to do ka, already claimed no time yet still find thing to busy speechless...he always the one 泼冷水(pour cold water to me)!sigh*...but I will still do it, get Wien to help me..yeah! Last Sunday, SIL#1 bought Wien one packet of the CNY blossom, Wien just simple placed it on the table, later put it on table. At last dunno where she put!! At night, MIL baru remember the flower, get Wien to look for it. She couldn't find it, all of us also dunno where the packet gone! After 1/2 hour, my six sense told me to look into the dustbin, I call Wient to check it. Here we found the flower!! Who dare to threw it???

It's Lyon Mok's great job!! 莫静杰的杰作!Recently she like to threw thing into dustbin. She threw this flower too after she bite the plastic bag one hole, maybe she noticed this flower cannot eat one so mah threw lor! LOL!! So now, if anyone one of us missing something, first place to check is the dustbin..keke...


Egghead said...

maybe Lyon is just helping you to "clean out old stuff" in order to celebrate the NEW year :P

Zara's Mama said...

after becoming mother really 24hrs not enough hor?
Me also.. like so much to do... blogging loh.. blogging take the most time!

Lyon really what also throw in bin hor. Every day before you all take the trash out, better check see got $ inside or not, maybe she throw your $ in also if she can get her hands on them. :P

mom2ashley said...

i took down our xmas tree before new year...i love putting it up...but hate bringing it donw....happy spring cleaning!

Tracy said...

I haven't even touch on my spring cleaning. Don't know what and where to start off with first. At least u've got so many helpers including Wien and Lyon.

Lyon's trying to help u by throwing things away which is of NO USE TO HER, ha, ha, ha.

At least ur hubby helps around. Mine? He'll only clean the ceiling fan, (cos I'm not tall enough to reach and my maid's too fat to climb), so, no choice, dat's the most he can help ... sigh ...

Milly said...


she tot the flower can eat?? alamak!!

she liek to eat hor??

mIcHe said...

u sooooo busy...still got time to blog. if i become sahm i dont think i'll have time to blog! respect you lar. :D

jazzmint said...

i think daddy all like feel also for the festive mood..oni know how to buy beer for frens haiyoo

keke...lyon so cute...i think if u got the white flower (err dunno what's it called, the bulu bulu one) she will pluck all and eat :p

Jesslyn said...

Glad she can help but afraid she might threw MIL's things, then MIL might thought we threw her things le!

zara's mama:
Threw money ha? That's terrible, must watch out too!
At home I no time to do blogging, that's y have to 'steal' office hour to do..bad employee!!

will u put the tree for CNY? If yes, am sure Ashley will be very excited, as for sure she will grab the things down!!

get destinee to help u, sure she love to do it...but better watch out wor!

Lyon very greedy one le, she eat non-stop at home!!

I am a bad staff la as I do blogging during office hr...shiiii, dun tell other ya!
If me SAHM, also dun think got time to write blog...

Lyon even eat the grass & leave le, such a wai sek mui!!

kwloong said...

Lyon wanna wallop your flowers also. You must really keep all your inedible thing beyond her reach. Either it end up in her mouth or the bin. :lol:

Milly said...

aiyoh...!! hope when she come to my age, hoep she wont like me alr..!! whaha... fat fat ar..

Allyfeel said...

哈哈哈! 真鬼马的小宝宝!