Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Paper Boat

Last weekend, hubby teach Wien make paper boat, after few practice, she able do it herself. She so happy, keep making it one after another...till more than 10!! I asked her why made so many? She said one for papa, one for ma-ma, one for Mei Mei (Lyon)....for gong gong, mummy, bla bla..long list was given to me, no wonder she keep folding paper la... Proudly present her hand make paper boat.... Last time mummy very clever in paper folding, now all forgot, looks like me really gettting older liao! sob! sob! Now Wien teach me how to do it....


mom2ashley said...

i don't remember how to make paper boats!

Egghead said...

so guai and selfless Wien is... think of so many people :)

jazzmint said...

wah so nice...i can't even remember how to fold paper boats.

hey time to get origami book for her to keep her busy :)

kwloong said...

Origami is my favourite, wow you just gave me another idea for blogging. I remembered most of the origami that my mom thot me. I love folding it for children.


Tracy said...

Wah, Wien can fold the paper boats by her own? Aiyo, she's soooo clever.

I only know how to fold aeroplanes and even they are out of shape ones and won't fly properly ... sigh ....

Can Destinee have one when she meet Wien jeh jeh or not?

Really, I'm hoping to meet u and ur family during the CNY when I'm in Melaka.

Jesslyn said...

Me too, only can make paper aeroplanes!

Indeed she quite a thoughtful girl but too kpc la!

Now I am printing some from internet for her..but she want us to accompany her, then Lyon keep coming and kacau us...another kpc!

u must be knowing many of them lor? Post it & share with us!

Of course can give Destinee one if we can meet up!
Let's meet in this coming CNY ya..!

Zara's Mama said...

So clever ler Wien!!

Btw, saw your tailoring in Michelle's site. You know you shld do this as a business. I like the 2nd dress which is the spagetti strap one. Btw, can tailor for Zara or not? I pay you back la. B'cos this kind of clothes only 1 piece in the world. :P

mIcHe said...

i also cant remember how to make that kinda of paper boat...the sampan type, i noe lar...can ask ur husband how ah? i wanna learn leh...:D

Contented Mum said...

Wow, your girl so patient wan ah, can sit there and fold so many paper boat. She so sweet leh, thinking of the long list of paper to share her boat with! :)

Jesslyn said...

Zara's mama:
Hehe..I can make dress for Zara, provided I have time...wait ya!

No need pay back la...I love to see baby girl wear dresses especially when they start walking!!

Sampan boat me also duno..but hubby can do it..
How to teach u over the net? By photo??

Contented mum:
Oh ya,she can sit still provided she has the interest on it!