Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mercedes Car

Lyon start walking few weeks ago. Although she just start walking but recently been running here and there already. I always describe the way she walk like a duck, run like a penguin. Wien likes to tease her to run with her, then this blur blur Lyon also follow her naughty jie jie. We scare too when see the way she run, seem wanna fall down…. One night Lyon pick up this round thing (one of their toy), and start runing around the dining hall, at the same time her mouth keep "brumm brumm brumm"....look carefully, only we realise what she is doing...She treats that thing as her car steering and she is driving!! LOL.... Brumm brumm brumm, I have mercedes le..u? Hey, I am driving la, dun block my way.....hai, driving no fun le, so tire... Her mouth full with saliva after few rounds!! Aiyo, this small girl so observant; see her daddy turning the steering while driving, she also want to do that way! Tim Michelle, you are right la, milk powder full of DHA now, that can create so many creative kids...haha...


Zara's Mama said...

Heehee..just walking now want to drive car liao.. how to keep up with them huh?

mom2ashley said...

wow! running already? that's fast..

Egghead said...

so young already mercedes ah... veli high maintenance girl leh :P

Sabrina said...

Wah..can run liau. My Keith still cannot walk without support leh..

jazzmint said...

so when mommy gonna ger her a real mercedes kekeke

kwloong said...

No wonder my ear itch, coz someone talk about me/Tim. She is real cute. You didn't stick a L plate behind her back.

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama:
me already tired chasing her around the hse! Hope can lose some kg..keke!

fast le..very soon ashley will be in the same group too!

I hope she has a plane le, so that can fly us all over the world! :P

she can even run faster than Wien le...funny is she seem never tire after running few round!

buy her mercedes? no way, she got to get it by her own!

keke...after getting L plate, sure she drive more faster! LOL

shiaulin said...

at first she learnt walking, then running, and now driving. what is the next then? flying??? :O

hehehe... so cute :)