Monday, January 23, 2006

Our Conversation

Conversation I Hubby: 今天可以去喝茶吗?(Can I go for tea-chat tonight?) Me : 不可以(Nope!) Hubby: 为什麽不可以?(Why no?) Me : 不可以就不可以啰!(No means no lor!) ...just want to play a fool with him... He turns to Wien and talk to her. Hubby : 维维,妈咪不给爸爸去喝茶哩!(Wei Wei, mummy not allow papa out for tea-chat le!) Wien : 妈咪,我要给爸爸去喝茶!(with stern voice : Mummy, I wan to let papa go out!!) Me : 为什麽要给呢?(Why must let him go?) Wien : 因为我爱爸爸嘛!(bcos I love papa mah!) Me : 酱你不爱妈咪啦?(So you not love mummy anymore?) Wien : 没有啦!!爸爸很久没有看到Ah Pok Uncle了。(No la, papa long time never see Ah Pok uncle) fast she find an excuse for her papa... Me : 酱你叫爸爸帮妈咪折衣先。(You ask papa help me fold laundry first.) Wien : 爸爸,快点帮妈咪折衣!(papa, quick, help mummy fold laundry!) Sometimes she so clever to side for her daddy and win his heart.


Conversation II

Me : 妈咪生爸爸的气,今天不要买蛋糕给他!

Mummy angry with papa, dun want to buy him birthday cake today.

Wien : 今天是爸爸的生日?妈咪买蛋糕啦!

Today is papa's birthday? Mummy buy cake la...

Me : 不要啦!爸爸只顾他的电脑,没有帮妈咪打扫!

Dun want la, papa always play with his notebook and never help mummy clean the house.

Wien : 妈咪不要生气啦,等下爸爸会伤心哩!

Mummy dun angry with papa le, papa will upset le..

Me : 什麽是伤心?

What is upset?

Wien : 伤心会哭啰

Upset then cry lor!!

Does she really understand the Upset meaning? I really dun know, but nowsaday, she really talks like a big girl.


Egghead said...

how come always "rescue" papa one? I hope my son will "rescue" me more in the future lor...

Zara's Mama said...

I heard girls always side Papa one..

Zara also, call her kakak she'll shout loud loud KAKAK KAKAK!! Call her papa, she'll call softly, very manja, papa, papa like that.

Btw, she side you also or not? or just papa?

kwloong said...

Hrmmm..I wonder who my children side??!!

But I remember when my hubby wanna go out, sure the children wanna follow. Hehehe..he is welcome to go with the children, peace for me.

Poor you, let's hope Lyon will side you.

Lazymama said...

Wien is daddy's girl!

And Lyon is mummy's girl?

Sabrina said...

So sweet.Can side papa liau..

Jesslyn said...

she very clever in observing the situation,if papa complaining mummy, she will come n side me too!
Mostly she will side her blur blur mummy..:P(by hugging & kissing me..)

zara's mama:
I heard that too..
She will side me too, only recently duno why she side her papa!

Well, i prefer both of them side papa, so peace for me too!!

Lyon is too small, let's wait & see!

hehe, is swee when she side me, she will keep hugging me & kiss me..

jazzmint said... sayang papa...must ask papa give big angpau lah :p