Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Updated : added translation in green will be more unstandable in Mandarin rather than English! Wien 懂得不少用词,她也在学习新的用词(通过我们平时讲话的用词)。 最近她喜欢问我以下问题…. Wien learn new terms via our daily conversation, sometimes she will surprise us with those term. Well, recently she likes to ask me below term..... Wien : 妈咪, 昨天是什麽? (Mummy, what is yesterday?) Me : 昨天妈咪带你去外婆家 (Yesterday mummy brought u to grandma's house) Wien : 妈咪, 今天是什麽? (Mummy, what is today?) Me : 今天妈咪炸鸡给你吃! (Today mummy make fried chicken for you) Wien : 妈咪, 刚才是什麽? (Mummy, what is just now?) Me : 刚才我们去大姑家! (Just now we went to SIL#1's house) Wien : 妈咪, 现在是什麽? (Mummy, what is now?) Me : 现在维维在跟妈咪讲话啰! (Now Wei Wei talk to mummy lor!) Wien : 以后是什麽? (Mummy, what is future?) Me :以后维维长大了要帮妈咪煮饭啰! (Future when Wei Wei grow up, have to help mummy cooking lor!) 我相信她还是分不清以上的用词,因为她几乎每天都在问我同样的问题! I dun think she can differentiate those terms clearly as she almost everyday ask me the same questions! ***************************************** Below these 2 parts is on chinese proverb. You go to ask someone to read for you, as I dunno how to translate them...sorry ya...hehe 有一天,Wien 在彩画画。。。 Me : 为什麽你的Barney这麽多颜色? Wien : 多多颜色才美嘛!才五颜六色嘛!哗!他懂得用五颜六色哩!) ***************************************** 地上满地都是玩具,我问Wien是谁的杰作。 Me : 维, 谁把玩具乱丢? Wien : 小妹啰,弄到地上乱七八糟哎哟,他竟然会讲乱七八糟!!) 这小女子竟然会用成语。。。


Egghead said...

维维really growing up liao... should make Wien talk to my son... they can argue!

Zara's Mama said...

So clever leh Wien! Her Mandarin is very good.

I must teach Zara Mandarin
I must teach Zara Mandarin
I must teach Zara Mandarin
I must teach Zara Mandarin
I must teach Zara Mandarin

Tracy said...

Eiks! Sorry can't comment cos cannot read Chinese *blush*.

Only know dat u were having a conversation with Wien and she's good with her Mandarin.

I'm trying to speak Mandarin with Destinee too (with my half past six Mandarin) and she seems to be very interested and always telling "mommy, mommy, jiang hua yi, Yau Yau yow jian hua yi".

Jesslyn said...

Wanna argue with Wien, be well prepared sometimes I also kalah to her! She is well in twisted my word, make me speechless..

zara's mama:
She can speak well in mandarin becos we speak to her in mandarin ma! But her english not good, need to polish more!

I think by the time Destinee enter school, she able to speak mandarin too, provided friend around her also can speak mandarin la!

kwloong said...

Translate! translate!

Princess Yoyo & family said...

both questions and answeres are very cute ^^

Jesslyn said...

OK, I translate for u, u gotta pay me later..!!keke

Hi, welcome to my blog!
I found your blog cannot put comment le!!

kwloong said...

Jess: Thanks, send you some CNY cookies :P. Wah your Wien start to ask you questions. Tim still absorbing whatever we say.

Jesslyn said...

Send me cookies, good!
She everyday ask us this & that, non-stop!! Talkative and clever in arguing too!

jazzmint said...

cool..soon she'll ask where we going, are we there yet, what is that, and more question!!!

Milly said...

hey, i think Wein can be lawyer lar!!

can talk well!! next time i shud talk with her...!! hhaha

Allyfeel said...

哇! 好利害... 我在想,如果把他她与你的一翻对话画成漫画,一定很可爱。好像JIMMY 的“为什么”。

Jesslyn said...

she already started ask these questions and also others, sometimes really tired in answering her..
wait till Faythe talk to u, then only u know..

lawyer? dun think so la..
u r always welcome to talk with her!