Sunday, January 13, 2008

Have you start spring clean?

Chinese New Year very near soon, if you look at calendar now, you will notice, it will arrival in less than one month time. What have you done to greet this Chinese most biggest festive in the calendar year? First thing first, have you start your spring cleaning yet? Yeah, Chinese must do spring clean first before celebrating this festive, even a small spring cleaning will do. My mom is a very traditional women, to her, spring cleaning is very important. No matter how busy she is, she will spring clean the house. Well, since she alone with my elder bro now, so less helper assisting her. She hire helper from outsider to do all the spring cleaning. I am glad she able to get helper since I cannot help her at all, therefore we have to spend money to get the helper. Hey, the service fee not cheap now, it cost her RM100 for the whole day service. Previously only RM50.00 per house. See, this helper also know how to demand increment, I think we should ask from our boss too! LOL