Friday, January 11, 2008

Play soccer with the kids

When come to weekend, if we do not go out for shopping or go to my mom’s place, my kids will yell they are bored at home. So most of the time I will drag hubby to bring them to big field to play those outdoor activities like flying kites, cycling, or just kick balls at the field. It is good to let them expose to more outdoor activities since it is good for them too. Other than that, hubby and I also got chance to do exercises and shed off some extra fat! LOL

My hubby is soccer player during his secondary school. He ever represented his school for national competition. He is proud for his team coz ever won many prizes for the school. So he told me that he will train his kids to play soccer games too when they are older a bit. If my kids really play well in soccer, perhaps I can get them portable Soccer Balls net for them to practice their soccer skill as and when they like. Hehe…hopefully I do not train out boyish girls. By the way, both my kids are girl.

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