Friday, January 11, 2008

Sports for kids

I am a baseball player during secondary school. Due to my height, I cannot take up or join many types of sport that I like such as basketball and badminton. I don’t understand why my height becomes a topic when come to selecting those games. Never mind, I think must be the sport teacher bias on me. So after that I select to become baseball players and to my surprise I can play very well for it too. I remember during that time my sport teacher gave us lots of Baseball Bats and I only select one particular bat which has a red sticker stick on it. hahaa…coz when I use that bat, it always can help me shoot very far for the baseball ball. LOL!

Well, if you wish to look for quality baseball equipments, you can always check it out at It is an online shopping web for kidsports. You can find various type of sport equipments in the web with affordable prices. If my kids love to play baseballs when they are older later, I am sure will grab them some bats and balls from After that, maybe we can form our own team and have fun at the big green field every weekend.

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