Monday, January 14, 2008

Grab your LV at Paris!

Seriously, if you have not been Paris before, you should go one day. It is one of the World’s cultural capitals. Previously I only think of going to Paris a waste of money since we need to spend so much for a trip. However after my return from Paris in year 2005, I feel glad that I make the trip materialized. Paris is simple a beautiful city I tell you. If I got extra money, I am sure will visit Paris again.

Paris not only popular for French, but English, German and Spanish tourists and businessmen too. I was this city of light always flood with tourist throughout the calendar year. You will be surprise you will not get any Paris hotels stay if you make last minute booking for your stay. Paris Hôtels always fully booked by tourist, especially during winter and spring. If you plan a trip to Paris soon, make sure you check out the hotel rates for Hotel Paris at The site even allows you to make last minutes booking.

Oh ya, don’t forget to grab your LV bag while you are in Paris!