Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not easy to find job now

One of my colleagues tendered his resignation letter. He had left this company for more than 3 months by now. Before he left, his superior counter offer him, hoping that he can stay back and continue his service in this company. However he had confirmed his decision and no more intention to stay in this company. Well, I just wish him good luck in his future career.

Last week I meet him in shopping mall. I feel shock to see him in this state coz he told us that he will move to Kuala Lumpur after resignation. His new job is based in Kuala Lumpur too. After short while of chitchatting, then only he told me that he no longer work in Kuala Lumpur coz he find himself not suitable to stay in the big city. He quit the job after second month. Gosh….so fast gives up! I already tell him that not everyone suitable to stay in big and crowded city. Now only he understands my meaning.

So what did he do now? Lucky he still has a part time job, selling mutual fund and trust, else I think he going to scream for help. He still has car loan and some personal loan to settle. Alternatively he may try his luck at vistaprint and look for job there.

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