Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The more the merrier

Chinese New Year coming soon, my other brothers and sisters from back from outstation soon. When they are here, my mom’s house will be crowded and can hear lot of laughter and screaming from kids too. Though we have to squeeze in the small rooms but we don’t mind coz we hardly have this kind of gathering except during Chinese New Year. Most of the nights we no sleep too but chit chatting till almost the next morning.

My mom ever plan to build additional 1 room for the house, but was objected by us coz we don’t want her to waste money since we not always back at the same time. if worst come to worst, some of us can stay in Branson hotels as the room there more spacious plus the package price is reasonable too!


Branson Hotels said...

The Branson hotels do have reasonable prices! I just found out they are having some discounts going on too!