Monday, January 14, 2008

Online payment

Credit cards become so common now, almost all business transaction accept credit cards a form of mode payment. Due to this reason, I love to do shopping online instead of going to shopping mall. See, I can save some cost on petrol and time too if I shop online.

Most of the online stores accept credit cards and they able to provide a very good solution on accepting Credit Cards on Website. However you have to ensure you the credit card transaction was process under secure server, so that you will not loss out your money later. These popular Visa & mastercard payment solutions make it easy for us to submit payments over the phone or over the internet with minimal risk if a website uses security systems to ensure credit card information cannot be stolen by hackers.

So now, I only shop for those online stores that accept credit card accepting, else I will have problem in paying for the item that I bought.


shannon said...

not only do you need a secure server for your business to start credit card processing, but you should require that your customers are on a secure server as well. if they are not, their information can still be stolen, though your business most likely will not be held responsible.