Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bonus bonus where are you?

Our company bonus so far never issue to us during Chinese New Year. So, every year we have to own money to settle for CNY expenses, so charm hor. Some years, the management even drag till April or May only release the bonus. See, if we really wait for bonus to buy CNY stuff, I think most of us will die of starving lor!

This year still no news about our bonus. Wonder will my boss break record and release bonus to us before CNY. Put my finger cross and pray hard now.


Michelle said...

mine will give 2-3 days before CNY. so we swipe first and pay later for CNY expenses. :)

btw, u have lotsa bonus from your other "employers" already what. more than enuf to cover ur CNY expenses. :P

Debbie Y said...

hahaha...agreed with Michelle. You already had a lots of 'bonus' earned here leh!

snoopy said...

You still dream of the bonus to pay for CNY? many years I never hope for the bonus from company to pay...but my own hard earn "bonus" some where else..haha!